The European Railway Server has moved!

This page last updated Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Dear users and contributors,

in early July we were forced at short notice to move the European Railway Server from its previous site. We have used the occasion to pick a new name:

URLs pointing to the old site can in most cases be updated by simply replacing the hostname "" with "".

To submit new files for the Picture Gallery, please use our new upload page. A similar page for submissions to the Liveries section will follow soon.

In this place, we also would like to thank the University of Pisa for hosting the European Railway Server for nine years. Sometime, we'll have to create a page on the history of our website...

Meanwhile, all our scripts for maintaining the European Railway Picture Gallery - now renamed Picture Gallery - are adapted to the new site and we can now update our pages directly on the new site. As you may already have noticed, the layout of the pages was slightly modified to give a more uniform result on different browsers.

We've already started sorting in the older images waiting to be moved to their final directories. We're doing this chronologically, so the newest additions will only be sorted in when we have caught up with the backlog, which still may take a while.

More news related to our move will continue to be posted on this page.

Regards, Sven (Co-Admin ERS)

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