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2112.jpg (102606 bytes)

Locomotive 2000 in NIR (Northern Ireland) livery (fantasy)

ACTS.gif (23597 bytes)

Locomotive 2000 in the nice classic livery of the Dutch freight operator ACTS. Livery drawn by David Eerdmans - Homepage

BLS465_-_Blue.gif (123061 bytes)

A classic British Rail interpretation of the 465 - It's been numbered in this pic as a Class 93 - In the UK, Class 465 is a type of EMU, so I numbered it as if it were in the British electric locomotive number system.

Rich Mackin (

E465.gif (23055 bytes)

Fictitious PKP Cargo E465-001 based on the Swiss locomotive 2000.

Pawel Piotr (

L2NSCargo.gif (15414 bytes)

NS Cargo (NL) 2001 in red livery for Betuwelijn (fantasy)

drawn by: David Eerdmans

L2nsbgods.gif (21255 bytes)

NSB Gods (NO) El 18 in freight livery (fantasy)

drawn by: GFF

LVEks_001.png (140477 bytes)

Fantasy Latvijas Ekspresiss (Latvian Express) operating between Riga (Latvia) and Moscow (Russia) The train consists of new Finnish double deck sleepers (gauge 1524 mm) with Finnish electric locomotive Sr2 (gauge 1524 mm) Design based on real "Latvijas Expresiss" livery by Danis Platnieks (

MML.gif (21122 bytes)

Midland Mainline (GB) locomotive (fantasy)

drawn by: D. Cawthorne

Pasazieru_Vilciens.gif (109386 bytes)

Locomotive 2000 and double-deck cars in 1524 mm gauge of "Pasazieru Vilciens" (fictitious), by Viesturs Kruminliepa (

Rdzlog1.gif (38368 bytes)

RZD (RU) locomotive painted for Sankt Peterburg Express (fantasy)

Sr2_LVEks.png (27623 bytes)

Sr2 in Latvijas Ekspresis livery, by

Syntus_Loc.gif (21387 bytes)

This re-paint is based on the Lint 41/H light-rail train which operates for the train/bus company Syntus in the Eastern part of the province Gelderland in the Netherlands.

Re-paint: Maurits Wever. For more info about Syntus:

VT.gif (21359 bytes)

Virgin Trains (GB) locomotive (fantasy)

drawn by: D. Cawthorne

XX.gif (170461 bytes)

connexxion (NL) locomotive (fantasy)

drawn by: David Eerdmans

bls465_freightliner.gif (23367 bytes)

Re 465 in Freightliner (GB) livery (fantasy). Richard Standish

bls465_res.gif (21959 bytes)

Re 465 in Rail Express Systems (GB) livery (fantasy). Richard Standish

cfl4100.gif (20755 bytes)

CFL "4100" (based on Locomotive 2000).

kees de bruyn

l2ColorRail.gif (59740 bytes)

Color Rail (NO) locomotive for cruise liner trains (fantasy)

drawn by: tobias b köhler

l2_c2c.gif (70514 bytes)

c2c livery. The strange metallic blue/lilac colour is authentic as is the vivid pink badge. However - this is a fantasy. c2c do not go to Southend Airport - nor do their trains have the broad pink stripe. They should have....... S Brand 2003

l2dbag.gif (13428 bytes)

Deutsche Bahn AG (DE) (fantasy)

drawn by: tobias b köhler

l2ews.gif (24771 bytes)

EWS (GB) (fantasy)

drawn by: Darren Cawthorne

l2gner.gif (26339 bytes)

GNER (GB) (fantasy)

drawn by: Darren Cawthorne

l2ie.gif (25941 bytes)

IE (Ireland) (fantasy)

drawn by: Darren Cawthorne

l2ns.gif (13903 bytes)

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NL) 1807 (fantasy)

drawn by: tobias b köhler

l2nsb.gif (25063 bytes)

Norges Statsbaner (NO) El 18 (real)

drawn by: tobias b köhler

l2nsb2.gif (24718 bytes)

Norges Statsbaner (NO) El 18 in flag livery (fantasy)

drawn by: tobias b köhler

l2nsbold.gif (19769 bytes)

Norges Statsbaner (NO) El 18 in old livery (fantasy)

drawn by: Jan Olav Jørgensen

l2pkp.gif (124212 bytes)

PKP (PL) EP11 (fantasy)

l2sncb.gif (75702 bytes)

SNCB/NMBS (BE) blue livery (fantasy)

l2sncb.jpg (101977 bytes)

SNCB/NMBS (BE) blue livery (fantasy)

ldz_cargo.png (49262 bytes)

Sr2 locomotive in fantasy livery "LDZ Cargo" by

original_mauricio.gif (27260 bytes)

This is a fictional version of the 465 painted in the scheme of my free lanced model railway: the CF, situated somewhere between France and Germany in an also fictional country, the Principauté de Saint Maurice.

drawn by: Mauricio Rolim

sr2livery.gif (21172 bytes)

VR (FI) Sr2 locomotive (real)

drawn by: Henri Hovi