Maurice Railroad Equipment Industry List (MREIL)

1. Introduction

This is a list made by Maurice Janssen (M.J.W.JANSSEN@KUB.NL) and contains basic information about the currently active European manufacturers of rolling stock. Very small manufacturers are not always listed.

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The railroad equipment industry (SIC code: 3743) is made up of establishments primarily engaged in building and rebuilding locomotives (including frames and parts, not elsewhere classified) of any type or gauge; and railroad, street, and rapid transit cars and car equipment for operation on rails for freight and passenger service.

First we give a view of the multinationals Adtranz, Bombardier, GEC Alsthom and Siemens. After this the manufacturers per country are listed. If a manufacturer is taken over by another company, there is only a short description.

2. The multinationals

2.1 ADTRANZ (ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation)

Head office: Berlin, Germany.

Addresses corporate centers:
Belgium: 133, Rue Froissart, B-1040 Brussels
Germany: P.O. Box 130 127, D-13601 Berlin
Switzerland: P.O. Box 8131, CH-8050 Zurich

The international railway group Adtranz is the world's most complete provider of railway systems (market share of 12%). The group was legally formed on January 1, 1996 as a 50/50 merger between the respective railway activities of Swiss-Swedish elecrical engineering group ABB, Zurich, Switzerland, and Daimler-Benz AG, Stuttgart, Germany (AEG Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH, Nürnberg).
Adtranz will benefit from ABB's leading technology position in electrical engineering and the Daimler-Benz's group leading position in transportation systems and mechanical engineering.
Adtranz is a worldwide operating group with a strong local presence in some 90 countries. Led by an international management team, the group is united by a single idea: The resurgence of rail! (Source: Adtranz-site) Has 23,000 employees.
Took over Signaltechnik-firm Interlogic Control Engineering Ltd. (former part of the BR) in 1996.

Manufacturing companies:

Product groups of Adtranz: Electric Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives, Multiple Units, Intercity Trains, High Speed Trains, People Movers, Light Rail Vehicles, Total Rail Systems, Fixed Installations, Signalling and Customer Support.

2.1.1 AEG

In 1883 the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität von Emil Rathenau' was founded. In 1887 the name was changed into 'Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft (AEG)'. In 1931 AEG and Borsig founded 'Borsig-Lokomotive-Werke GmbH'. Four years later part of AEG.
In 1988 AEG in Berlin and the American firm Westinghouse Electric in Pittsburgh merged their activities on the area of landbased transport into AEG Westinghouse Transport-Systeme.
In 1992 AEG took over 'VEB Lokomotivbau-Elektrotechnische Werke, Hans Beimler (LEW)' and renamed it into AEG Henningsdorf. It was part of the AEG corporation until 1947 and was founded in 1913.
In 1996 Daimler-Benz liquidated the AEG and moved the railway part into the new founded ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation (Adtranz).
AEG had merged the following firms:
  1. Von Roll Habegger SA
    Location: Thun, Switzerland
    Organization: Also offices in USA (Von Roll Habegger of America Inc. in Watertown, New York) and in Australia (Von Roll Habegger of Australia Pty Ltd in North Sydney, NSW).
    Products: monorail systems.

  2. Locomotivbau-Electrotechnische Werke (LEW)
    location: Henningsdorf, Germany
    history: Formerly known as VEB Locomotivbau-Electrotechnische Werke "Hans Beimler" (LEW).
    In 1992 AEG took over the railway part of LEW and renamed it as "AEG Schienfahrzeuge GmbH Henningsdorf".
    products: electric, diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric locomotives

  3. MAN GHH (MAN Gutehoffnungshuette AG)/MBB
    location: Nürnberg, Germany
    history: Started in 1841.
    Founded in 1898 as merger between Maschinenbau-Actiengesellschaft Nürnberg and Maschinenfabrik Augsburg into Vereinigten Maschinenfabrik Augsburg und Maschinenbaugesellschaft Nürnberg AG. Later renamed into Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG (MAN). AEG took over the railway activities of MAN in 1990. Nowadays MAN is known as Werk Nürnberg of the Adtranz corporation, and builds ICE-coaches, dieselmotorunits and bogies.
    products: diesel and electric railcars and DMUs; metro railway stock; LRVs; suspended monorails, passenger cars; freight cars.

2.1.2 ABB

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) in Mannheim
ABB was founded as a merger between Brown Boveri & Co. (BBC) and ASEA.
ABB is a Swedish/Swiss electro- and machinebuildingconcern.
Brown Boveri & Cie. (BBC) in Mannheim was founded in 1891 by Charles E.L. Brown and Walter Boveri of the Swiss Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon.
ASEA, a Swedish firm, had merged the following firms (history until 1996):
  1. Kalmar Verkstad
    location: Kalmar, Sweden
    history: Kalmar Verkstad was founded in 1902.
    In 1989 Kalmar Verkstad was acquired by ABB.
    Products: diesel locomotives, diesel railcars, passenger cars, and freight wagons.

  2. Sura Traction
    ???Situation Unknown

    After Merger of ABB with Henschel it was known as ABB Henschel AG. Mannheim builds electric equipment, Antriebe, Klimaanlagen and Zugsteuerungen. ABB had merged the following firms:

  3. AB Gävle Vagnverkstad (Ageve)
    Address: PO Box 655, 801 27 Gävle, Sweden
    History: In 1989 Ageve was acquired by ABB. Since 1996 part of Adtranz.
    Products: Diesel-hydrostatic shunters, freight cars.

  4. BREL (British Rail Engineering Ltd.)
    Location head office: Derby, Great-Brittain
    Location works: Derby Carriage, Derby Locomotive, Crewe and York
    History: Taken over by ABB in 1989.
    Products: locomotives, MUs, passenger coaches

  5. CCC
    Merged by ABB in 1989.
    ???Situation unknown. Need more information!

  6. Comeng
    Location head office: Sydney
    Location manufacturing plants: Granville and Braemar (New South Wales), Dandenong (Victoria), Salisbury North (Queensland), (South Australia), (Western Australia) and (Mittagong).
    Address: 11 Berry Street, Granville, New South Wales 2142, Australia
    Former rolling stock division of the ANI Corporation Limited
    Merged by ABB in 1990.
    Products: electric and diesel-electric locomotives, DMUs, EMUs, passenger coaches.
  7. Elta
    Merged by ABB in 1991.
    ??? situation unknown

  8. Energiebau
    Merged by ABB in 1990.
    ??? situation unknown

  9. Garrett
    Merged by ABB in 1987.
    ??? situation unknown

  10. Hägglund
    Location: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
    History: Hägglunds was founded in 1899 and was the largest engineering company in northern Sweden. In 1972 it became a subsidiary company of ASEA of Västerås. In 1973 Hägglunds acquired the railcar and locomotive division of ASJ of Linköping and production was transferred to Örnsköldsvik. In January 1988, the company became one of six wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Hägglund Group.
    Merged by ABB in 1988/1989.
    Products: Car bodies for electric locomotives, rapid transit surface and underground cars, street (tram) cars.

  11. L.M.E.
    Merged by ABB in 1988.
    ??? situation unknown

  12. Scandia Randers
    Location: Randers, Danmark
  13. History: Before taken over by Adtranz, Scandia-Randers A/S was jointly owned by Ascan A/S, ABB, A/S Denmark and a group of Danish pension funds. Products: locomotives, EMUs, DMUs, passenger cars; freight wagons.
  14. ABB Strømens
    formerly known as EB Strömens Verkstaed, part of Norsk Elektrisk Brown Boveri (NEBB)
    Location: Strømen, Norway
    Part of Adtranz (ABB).
  15. History: The company was established in 1873 for the manufacture of railway rolling stock and is now the only car builder in Norway. It took over the rolling stock building activities of A/S SKABO in 1960 and A/S HÖKA in 1968. In 1979 the company became a subsidiary of NEBB, the Norwegian company of the ABB Group.
    With the merger between the rolling stock activities of AEG and ABB, in 1996 the company became a subsidiary of Adtranz.
    Products: EMUs, diesel railcars, tramcars, and subway cars; passenger cars; freight cars.

  16. Strømberg
    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    Merged by ABB in 1988/1989.
    Products: Electric drives, especially traction drives for trains, undergrounds, locomotives, trams and trolleybuses.

  17. Sorefame
    Location: Amadora, Portugal
    Since 1996 part of Adtranz under the name Adtranz Portugal. See above for more information.

  18. Thyssen-Henschel
    former Fa. Henschel & Sohn
    Location: Kassel, Germany
    Personnel: Numbers of employees: 1995: 300, 1996: 360, 1997: 500.
    History: Builded from 1848 to 1995 33.000 locomotives.
    Was a former part of Thyssen Industrie AG. From October 1984, Waggon Union GmbH and the Herne and Kassel plants of Thyssen Getriebe- und Kupplingswerke were incorporated into the Thyssen-Henschel business sector.
    In 1990 Thyssen Industrie AG and ABB founded ABB Henschel.
    Nowadays it is known as Werk Kassel of the Adtranz corporation. Products: lokomotives.

  19. Waggon Union
    Location: Netphen, Germany
    Location plants: Siegen (freight wagons) and Berlin (other rolling stock).
    History: This company was formed in 1971 as a result of a merger between SEAG Waggonbau (of Rheinstahl Transporttechnik) and DWM Deutsche Waggon- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH.
    Since 1996 part of Adtranz.
    Products: EMUs, DMUs, tramcars, underground trains, buses, bogies for passenger cars and freight wagons.

  20. Wheelset
    ??? situation unknown.

2.1.3 Merged firms by Adtranz

  1. Fabryka Wagonow Pafawag
    Location: Wroclaw, Poland.
    Former member of exporter Kolmex, Warswa
    In early 1997 Adtranz acquired a 75% share in the leading Polish rolling stock manufacturer Pafawag.
    Products: electric locomotives; passenger and service cars, bogies.

  2. Interlogic Control Engineering
    Location: UK
    Acquired by Adtranz in 1996.

  3. Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verkehrsplannung und Verkehrssicherheit (IVV)
    Location: Germany
    Signal company
    Acquired by Adtranz in 1996.

2.2 Bombardier Transportation Group

Head office: Montreal, Canada
The Bombardier Transportation Group is a part of Bombardier Inc. Bombardier Inc. was founded end 40s by a family with the same name. The firm is active in the aerospace, motorized consumer products and transportation.
In Montreal was the Bombardier-Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW).
Units of the Bombardier Transportation Group:
    Management offices: Saint-Bruno (Québec)
    Production facilities: La Pocatière (Québec), Kingston and Thunder Bay (Ontario), Barre (Vermont), Plattsburgh (New York)
    Main products: rapid transit cars, light rail vehicles, self-propelled commuter cars, single-level and bi-level commuter cars, intercity train cars, the LRC* train, monorail cars, shuttle-train cars for the English Channel tunnel
    Management offices: New York (New York)
    Other offices: Bensalem (Pennsylvania), Washington (DC), Sacramento (California), Orlando (Florida)
  3. AUBURN TECHNOLOGY, INC. (UNITED STATES) Management offices: Auburn (New York)
    Production facilities: Auburn (New York)
    Main activity: engine-block machining
    Other office: Orlando (Florida)
    Main products: automated light rail transit systems, monorail and automated transportation systems
    Management offices: Mexico (D.F.)
    Production facilities: Sahag£n (Hidalgo)
    Main products: rapid transit cars, light rail vehicles
    Management offices: Bruxelles
    In 1991 this part of Bombardier was founded (3000 employers).
    Management offices: Brugge
    Production facilities: Brugge, Manage
    Main products: passenger rail cars, self-propelled rail cars, subway cars, light rail vehicles, tramways, TGV high-speed train equipment, shuttle-train cars for the English Channel tunnel
    former BN Spoorwegmaterieel en Metaalconstructies
    including the German Talbot.
    In 1855 J. de Jaeger founded an iron factory in the Oostendestraat in Brugge. In 1905 the company moved to a spot near the Canal Brugge-Gent and the company took the name 'La Brugeoise' (1). After the merger with the railray factory 'Parmentier, Nicaise et Delcuve' in La Louvière' the name was changed into 'La Brugeoise, Nicaise et Delcuve' (2). In 1919 the Generale Maatschappij van België took over the company. In 1956 a merger took place with 'La Métallurgique' and the name was changed into SA La Brugeoise et Nivelles (BN) (3). 'La Métallurgique' was founded from a merger in 1905 between Tubize (manufacturer of railroad rolling stock founded in 1855 ), Charleroi and Nivelles (SA de Construction 'La Métallurgique').
    In 1977 BN took over the in 1971 founded part railroad activities Constructions Ferroviaires du Centre of Ateliers Belges Réunies (ABR). The name was also changed into BN Spoorwegmaterieel en Metaalconstructies (4).
    In 1986 Bombardier became the principal shareholder (75% in 1988).
    BN is now located in Brugge (1500 employees) and in Manage, Familleureux and Brussel (over 500 employees). Nijvel was closed in 1990.
    Products: locomotives, MUs, passenger coaches, freight wagons
  8. SOCIÉTÉ ANF-INDUSTRIE S.A. (Atelier du Nord de la France) (FRANCE)
    Management offices: Crespin
    Production facilities: Crespin
    Main products: subway cars, bi-level self-propelled commuter cars, turbotrains, TGV high-speed train equipment, shuttle-train cars for the English Channel tunnel, bogies
    Location management offices: Vienna, Austria
    Location production facilities: Vienna, Austria
    Formerly known as Bombardier-Rotad-Wien Produktions- und VertriebsgesmbH (BRW)
    Main products: tramways, special purpose rail vehicles, commuter cars
    Management offices: Wakefield (England)
    Production facilities: Wakefield (England)
    Main products: body structures for mainline and underground locomotives and for rail coaches, road tankers, railway wagons
    Management offices and production facilities: Aachen, Germany
    History: Talbot was founded in 1838 and is the oldest German railway rolling stock manufacturer.
    Main products: single-level and bi-level rail passenger cars, bogies; freight vehicles.
Products: subway cars, light rail vehicles, automated rapid transit systems, self-propelled commuter cars, commuter railvehicles, intercity cars, and integrated rail transit systems for turnkey projects.

2.3 GEC Alsthom, Transport Division

Address head office: Tour Neptune, Cedex 20, 92086 Paris - La Défense, France
History: Merger between Alsthom and General Electric Company PLC (GEC), London
  1. GEC Alsthom, Belfort, France (locomotives)
  2. GEC Alsthom, Aytré-La Rochelle, France (coaches) (former Brissonneau et Lotz)
  3. Tarbes
  4. Saint-Ouen
  5. Alsthom Creusot Rail (ACR), Le Creusot, France (bogies, dieselengines)
  6. Carel Fouché Industries (CFI) (Aubevoye, France)
  7. Compagnie Industrielle de Matériel de Transport (CIMT Lorraine) (Marly-Les Valenciennes, France)
  8. GEC-Alsthom, Raismes, France/Belgium (former Franco-Belge)
  9. GEC-Alsthom, Villeurbanne and Omans, France (former Traction CEM)
Other (subsidiaries):
  1. ACEC Transport
    Location: Charleroi, Belgium
    TAU: A Belgian consortium headed by ACEC and including BN, Constructions Ferroviaries et Métalliques, CRTH and RDW has developed TAU (Transport Automatié Urbain). This is an automated steel-wheel/steel-rail light metro.
    History: Founded in 1904. In 1984 ACEC partioned its former Transport Division into Rolling Stock and Signalling & Transportation Systems. In 1989 the railway business of ACEC was taken over by the Alsthom Group through a new subsidiary company, ACEC Transport.
    Products: electrical transmissions, electrial equipment.

  2. Ateinsa
    Location: Madrid, Spain
    History: Ateinsa was set up in 1973 to take over the railway rolling stock production of Astilleros Españoles, SA.
    In 1988 GEC Alsthom purchased the firm.
    Products: locomotives, MUs, coaches.
  3. Metropolitan Cammel Carriage & Wagon Co., Metro-Cammel (MetCam)
    location: Birmingham, England
    history: In the latter part of 1966 Metropolitan-Cammell absorbed the railway rolling stock business of Cravens of Sheffield. In 1969 Vickers Ltd relinquished their 50 per cent shareholding and a new company was formed for railway matters under the style of Metro-Cammell ltd.
    In May 1989 the company was acquired by GEC-Althom.
    products: EMUs, DMUs; rapid transit cars for surface, sub-surface and underground routes; passenger cars; freight waggons.

  4. Meinfasa
    ??? situation unknown

  5. La maquinistra Terrestra y Maritima (MTM)
    location: Barcelona, Spain
    history: Since 1855 La Maquinista had specialised in production of railway equipment. Largest shareholder is the Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI).
    products: electric and diesel locomotives, EMUs, DMUs, metro train-sets; passenger cars; freight cars.

Further subsidiaries: Alsthom Transportation in New York (USA)), Soferval Inc. in Union City, California (USA), Kiepe Elektrik GmbH in Vienna (Austria) and Düsseldorf (Germany), ETE Brazil in São Paulo (Brazil), Signarail Canada Inc. in Quebec (Canada) and ATSA Automatización y Tracción in Mexico City (Mexico).
The division Transport has 17,000 employees. Established in several country's in Europe.

History: In 1928, SACM (Société Alsacienne de Contruction Mécanique) merged with Thomson Houston to form Alsthom. The Transport Division was created in 1958. The company took over Brissonneau et Lotz at Aytré-La Rochelle (in 1972), Franco-Belge at Raismes (in 1981), Eclairage de Voies sur Rails (in 1983), CIMT Lorraine at Marly-Les Valencienns (in 1983), Traction CEM Oerlikon at Omans and Villeurbanne (in 1985), rail manufacturing activities of Jeurmont-Schneider, including Carel Fouché Industries (CFI) and Alsthom Creusot Rail (ACR). In 1988 Alsthom merged with the Power Systems Group of General Electric Company (GEC).
More information about precessors of GEC:
GEC has/had locations at Newcastle, Stockton, Darlington, Manchester, Preston, Newton-le-Willows, Stafford, Rugby, Thames Ditton, Lincoln, Kilmarnock, Bradford and London.
GEC now incorporates the traction activities of many other locomotive and electric traction manufacturers (UNDER CONSTRUCTION!):

  • Société MTE (Compagnie Matériel et Traction Electrique)
    Location: Puteaux Cedex, France
    Location works: Le Creusot, Jeumont, La Plaine Saint Denis, Champagne-sur Seine, Lyons.
    A member of the Alsthom group.
    Products: conventional control apparatus, generators, alternators, traction motors, transformers and rectifiers.

    More information about precessors of Alsthom:

    1. Schneider
      Also known as Creusot-Loire and Jeumont-Schneider.
      Le Creusot, France
      In 1836 Adolphe and Eugène Schneider acquired a plant in Le Creusot, France and started a steel-making business. In 1838 they build "La Gironde", the first French locomotive. It did build the inductance transformer unit for the French TGV.
    Product divisions: Passengers, Locomotives, Systems, Equipment, and Signalling.
    An example: E-loc 1600 of the NS

    2.4 SIEMENS, Transportation System Group

    Berlin, Germany
    Siemens is an electro- and electronicsconcern founded in 1847 by Werner Siemens. The Transport System Group is a business unit that builds transport systems.
    History: In 1847 Werner Siemens and Johann Georg Halske founded their company under the name of Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske (S&H) in Berlin. This company manufactured signalling and communication products.
    In 1897 the name was changed into Siemens & Halske AG.
    In 1903 the Siemens-Schuckert Werke (SSW) were founded for the production of eletric rolling stock.
    In 1966 Siemens & Halske AG, the Siemens-Schukert Werke (SSW) in Berlin/Erlangen, and the Siemens Reiniger-Werke AG merged into Siemens AG with a head office in Berlin and Munich.
    Cooperates with Toshiba Corporation since 1996. Siemens cooperates world-wide (without United States and France) with GEC Alsthom on the area of high-speed trains under the name Eurotrain.
    Siemens has merged the following firms:
    1. Düsseldorfer Waggonbau AG (Düwag)
      Location head office: Düsseldorf, Germany
      Location main works: Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany
      Integrated subsidiary of Siemens Transport Systems Group
      Products: metro- and tram-vehicles.

    2. HPW
      Location: Switzerland
      Integrated subsidiary of Siemens Transport Systems Group
      Merged by Siemens in 1986.

    3. Integra
      Location head office: Wallisellen, Switzerland
      Location works: Wallisellen, Vevey and Wil
      Integrated subsidiary of Siemens Transport Systems Group
    4. Products: signalling systems.

    5. Krauss Maffei AG (KM)
      former J.A. Maffei Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik
      München, Germany
      Holding of Siemens Transport Systems Group
      history: Josef Anton von Maffei founded in Münchener Hirschau his firm J.A. Maffei AG in 1838. Georg Krauss founded the lokomotivfabrik "Krauss & Comp." in 1866 and in 1880 a factory in Linz an der Donau. In 1931 Krauss took over Maffei and renamed the firm into "Lokomotivfabrik Krauss & Comp. - J.A. Maffei AG". Since 1940 the name of the firm is Krauss-Maffei AG.
      In 1935-1957 a factory, replacing the former two plants, was erected at Allach, a suburb of Munich.
      Siemens holds 25 % of Krauss-Maffei Verkehrstechnik GmbH, which is part of Krauss-Maffei AG. (Siemens Verkehrstechnik?).
      Products: electric, diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives.

    6. Maschinenfabrik Kiel GmbH (MaK)
      location: Kiel, Germany
      history: MaK has designed and produced diesel locomotives since 1925.
      In 1964 Fried. Krupp took over MaK. In 1991 the lokomotivebuildingactivities of Krupp in Essen and MaK in Kiel merged into Krupp MaK Maschinenbau GmbH, fachbereich Verkehrstechnik. In 1994 Siemens took over the business unit Verkehrstechnik and renamed it as Siemens Schienen- fahrzeugtechnik GmbH Kiel.
      products: diesel locomotives

    7. Matra Transport
      Location head office: Vanves, France
      Location main works: Vanves, Lille, Le Bourget
      Former subsidiary of Matra SA
      Subsidiaries: Matra Transit (USA), Comeli (O&M Lille, France), and IMCA (Mexico).
      History: Merged by Siemens in 1996.
      Products: metro's and automatic control systems.

    8. Plessey
      Location: Poole, Dorset, England
      Merged by Siemens in 1988.
      Products: data transfer systems.

    9. SAEL (D)
      ???Current state unknown.
      Merged by Siemens in 1990.

    10. SGP (Simmering-Graz-Pauker AG)
      Location head office: Vienna, Austria
      Integrated subsidiary of Siemens Transport Systems Group
      History: Merged by Siemens in 1992.
      Products: electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, rack locomotives, shunting locomotives

    11. Siemens Schienenfahrzeugtechnik (SFT)
      former Krupp
      location: Essen, Germany
      history: In 1811 Gußstahlfabrik Friedrich Krupp Essen was founded.
      In 1919 the department Lokomotiv- und Waggonbau (LOWA) was founded and builded the first locomotive in the same year.
      Krupp Verkehrstechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 after merger between the Krupp-plant in Essen and Krupp Mak in Kiel (former DWK).
      Siemens merged Krupp into Siemens Schienenfahrzeugtechnik GmbH in 1994.
      products: electric, diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives, special heavy-load cars.
    12. WSSB (D)
      ???Current state unknown.
      Merged by Siemens in 1990.

    3. List of the European manufacturers per country

    3.1 AUSTRIA

    1. Bombardier-Wiener Schienenfahrzeuge (BWS)
      Location: Vienna, Austria
      Part of Bombardier Eurorail.
    2. Elin-Union
      Address: Penzinger Strasse 76, 1141 Vienna, Austria
      Products: Electric locomotives, traction motors, axle drives, and other components of electric traction units.

    3. Florisdorfer Lokomotivfabrik
      formerly Wiener Locomotiv-Fabriks-Actien-Gesellschaft B. Florisdorf (WLB)
      Vienna (Austria)
    4. Alex. Friedmann
      Location: Austria
      Was an integrated subsidiary of Siemens Transport Systems Group until 1st, July 1997 (merged by Siemes in 1988). Since then part of Liebherr.
    5. Jenbacher Werke in Jenbach
      (Jenbacher Energiesysteme AG)
      Location: Jenbach, Austria
      History: The company was started in 1946 for the manufacture of diesel engines and combined units.
      Products: diesel locomotives.

    6. Simmering-Graz-Pauker AG (SGP)
      Location head office: Vienna, Austria.
      Part of Siemens Transporation.
    7. Krauss-Linz
      Linz (Austria)
      Part of Krauss-Maffei, Siemens.
    8. Grazer Waggonfabrik Weitzer
      ??? Situation unknown.

    3.2 BELGIUM

    1. Anglo Belgian Company NV (ABC)
      Location: Gent, Belgium
      History: formed in 1912 to take over the SA des Anciens Ateliers Onghena, which had been building gas engines since 1904.
      Products: fourstroke diesel engines.

    2. ACEC Transport
      Part of GEC Alsthom.
    3. Anglo-Franco-Belge (AFB)
      Location: Raismes
      In 1981 taken over by Alsthom.
    4. Bombardier Eurorail
      former BN Spoorwegmaterieel en Metaalconstructies (BN)
      Brugge, Belgium
      Part of Bombardier.
    5. Belgian Railway Equipment Company NV (BREC)
      Location: Beersel (Lot), Belgium
      Products: freight wagons
    6. Cockerill Mechanical Industries SA (CMI)
      former Société John Cockerill
      Location: Seraing, Belgium
      History: Built in 1835 the first steam locomotive running on the European continent.
      CMI became an independent subsidiary of Cockerill Sambre in December 1982.
      Personnel: CMI employs more than 2000 people (1989)
      Products: shunting locomotives

    7. Ateliers de Construction de Jambes-Namur SA
      Location: Jambes, Belgium
      Products: Locopulseur Pulso shunting machine, a single-wheel vehicle capable of moving freight cars.

    8. Moteurs Moës, SA
      location: Waremme, Belgium
      products: small diesel locomotives

    3.3 CZECHIA

    1. ÇKD Praha Holding
      Drahobejlova 48/945, Praha (Prague) 9, Czechia
      Products: Diesel-electric locomotives, diesel engines, electric machinery, truck cranes, tramcars, etc.
      Note: ÇKD = Çeskomoravska Kolben Danek
    2. Skoda
      Address: Tylova 57, 316 00 Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Republic.
      e-mail:, Tel.: +420 19 773 22 54 (Skoda Doprava)
      Tel.: +420 19 7735000, Fax: +420 19 276382 (Skoda Dopravni technika)
      Siemens has majority interest.
      Products Skoda Doprava: In-company railroad and road transport including transport of special, extra heavy and large freights, passenger car transport, rent-a-car services, domestic and international goods shipment, sale of and services for passenger cars, minivanc and trucks.
      Products Skoda Dopravni technika (Transport Systems): Electric locomotives (universal, express, freight), traction power units, reconstruction of trams and subway carriages, prototype development of new-generation trams.
    3. ZOS Nymburk (Zeleznicni opravny a strojirny Nymburk)
      Address: Boleslavka 418, Nymburk, Czechia
    4. Moravskoslezská Vagònka
      Was also known as Ceskoslovenské Vagónky (Czechoslovak Wagon Works)
      Studénka, Czechia
      Works: Vagónka Studénka, Vagónka Poprad and Vagónka Ceska Lipa
      DWA has a majority interest in Vagonska Ceska Lipa (freight cars).
      Products: diesel railcars, passenger cars, freight cars

    3.4 DANMARK

    1. Frichs Location: Aarhus, Denmark
      Products: diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic and diesel-mechanical locomotives; EMU's and DMU's

    2. Scandia-Randers
      Also known as Ascan Scandia
      Location: Randers, Danmark
      Part of Adtranz (ABB Scandia)

    3.5 FINLAND

    1. Saalasti Oy
      Location: Helsinki, Finland
      Products: diesel shunting locomotives; road/rail shunting tractor; permanent way train care tractors; shunting couplings; snow ploughs.

    2. Transtech
      address: Kiilakiventie 1, P.O.Box 217, FIN-90101 OULU, Finland
      Tel +358 8 883 60, Tlx 32109 steel sf, Fax +358 8 883 6960
      location: factories in Otanmäki and Taivalkoski; administration, marketing and design in Oulu
      Transtech is a part of the Engineering division of the steel company Rautaruukki. This division manufactures rolling stock, dished ends and other engineering products. It also sells the technical know-how of the Rautaruukki Group. In 1996 their turnover was FIM 484 million.
      In 1992 Valmet and Rautaruukki rolling stock production was joined together.
      Valmet rolling stock production is about 50 years old including products like diesel locomotives, dmus, emus, Helsinki metro and tramcars, and coaches.
      1. Valmet
        Location: Tampere, Finland
        Products: diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric locomotives; EMUs, rapid transit cars, articulated tramcers; passenger cars.

      2. Rautaruukki Oy
        Location head office: Oulu, Finland
        Location main works: Otanmäki
        History: The activity of Rautaruuki Oy, one of the leading steel firms in Scandinavia, in railway rolling stock began in 1985, when the highly automated and mechanised works specially designed for wagon production was inaugurated. The factory had a production capacity of 3000 freight wagons annually and it employs more than 1000 people.
        products: freight cars

      Products: Rolling stock: Passenger coaches, Freight wagons, Electric trains, Diesel locomotives, Metro trains, Tramcars and Railway cranes.
    3. Strömberg
      Part of Adtranz (ABB)
    4. VR-workshop
      Päsila, Finland

    5. VR-workshop
      Pieksämäki, Finland

    3.6 FRANCE

    1. Atelier Bréton de Réparation Ferroviaire
      Location: Châteaubriant, France
      Products: freight cars

    2. Arbel-Fauvet-Rail Company (AFR)
      Address head office: 194 boulevard Faidherbe, 59506 Doui, France
      Location works: Douai, Arras and Lille
      History: Arbel-Industrie and Fauvet-Girel merged in september 1985 their railway equipment activities into a common subsidiary, called Arbel-Fauvet-Rail (AFR).
      Products: Diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic shunters, freight cars.

    3. ANF Industrie (Atelier du Nord de la France)
      Location: Paris la Défense, France
      Part of Bombardier Eurorail.
      Products: EMUs, metros, passenger coaches, freight cars.

    4. Cadoux International
      Location: Paris, France
      Products: freight wagons

    5. CFD
      Location head office: Suresnes, France
      Location main works: Montmirail, France
      A subsidiary is Batiruhr at Bobigny, which builts also dielsel locomotives.
      Products: Diesel locomotives, diesel railcars

    6. De Dietrich & Cie
      Location: Reichshoffen, Niederbronn-les-Bains, France
      Products: light rail vehicles (LRVs), passenger cars.

    7. Carel Fouché Industries
      Address: PO Box 86, 27940 Aubevoye, France
      Subsidiary of GEC Alsthom.
    8. GEC Alsthom
      See GEC Alsthom for more information.
    9. Matra Transport
      location: Vanves, France
      location main works: Vanves, Lille, Le Bourget
      Structure: Subsidiary of Matra SA
      products: automated, unmanned VAL rapid transit systems.

    10. Etablissements Mouty-Bonehill
      location: La Sentinelle (Nord), France
      products: freight wagons

    11. Ateliers d'Orval SA
      Location: Orval, Saint-Amand-Montrond, France
      Products: freight wagons of all types.

    12. Remafer (Société de Construction et de Réparation de Matériel Ferroviarie)
      Location: Paris, France
      Products: special-purpose, small and medium series of freight wagons

    13. SFL (Société Française de Locotracteurs)
      Location: Suresnes Cedex, France
      Organization: SFL, created in 198, pools the technological experience, research, design and manfacturing of five well-known French rolling stock companies: AFR, Alsthom, Société MTE, De Dietrich, CF.
      Products: diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic and electric shunting locomotives.

    14. SNAV (Société Nouvelle des Ateliers de Vennissieux)
      Location head office: Suresnes, France
      Location works: Venissieux, France
      Products: Freight wagons.

    15. Soulé SA
      Location: Bagnères-de-Bigorre, France
      Products: diesel railcars and trailers; refrigerated wagons, postal vans.

    16. Société MTE (Compagnie Matériel et Traction Electrique)
      Location: Puteaux Cedex, France
      A member of the Alsthom group.
    17. SEMT-Pielstick
      Location: Saint-Denis, France
      Products: diesel engines and transmission systems.

    3.7 GERMANY

    1. Bremer Waggonbau GmbH
      Location: Bremen, Germany
      The company was formed in December 1975. The works occupy the site of the former Hansa Waggon AG (tram-cars). Products: passenger coaches, (repair and renovation of) freight cars

    2. WEB Waggonbau Dessau
      Location: Dessau, Germany
      History: The works began special-purpose goods wagons manufacture in 1945.
      Products: freight wagons

    3. Diepholzer Maschinenfabrik Fritz Schoettler GmbH (Diema)
      Location: Diepholz, Germany
      Products: diesel shunters and industrial locomotives

    4. DWA (Deutsche Waggonbau AG)
      Location: Krefeld, Germany.
      Since 1996 part of the American concern Advert Holdig in Boston. Number of employees: 1994: 6560, 1995: 4660. Founded in 1990 by the Treuhandanstalt and was the former VEB Kombinat Schienenfahrzeugbau. Has since 1996 a majority interest in the Tjech coachbuilder Vagonska Ceska Lipa. Has four Waggonbau-werke:
      • Halle-Ammendorf
        Location: Halle, Germany
        Products: passenger coaches
      • Waggonbau Bautzen
        Location: Bautzen, Germany
        Products: passenger coaches.
      • Waggonbau Görlitz GmbH (Göwa)
        Address: Brunenstrasse 11, 02826 Görlitz, tel: 03581-330
        Also known as A.G. für Fabrikation von Eisenbahnmateriel WUMAG (Waffen- und Machinen AG, Görlitz, Poland).
        History: after resuming production in 1945 as a manufacturer of special-purpose freight wagons, the plant switched to passenger cars. From 1952 to 1970 Gö has built also EMU's and DMU's.
        Products: passenger cars
      • Niesky
        Formerly known as VEB Waggonbau Niesky
        Location: Niesky, Germany
        History: The plant took up repair of passenger, post and baggage cars in 1946, but since 1950 has specialised in freight wagon construction.
        Products: freight wagons
      • Vetschau
      • Vevey Technologies SA
        Location: Villeneuve, Switzerland
        In december 1996 sold by the Royal Begemann Group to DWA. Until then it was a part of the Begemann Railgroup.
        Products: EMUs, LRVs, tramcars, freight wagons, bogies.

    5. Ferrostaal AG
      Address: Hohenzollernstrasse 24, 4300 (old zip code) Essen, Germany
      Products: main-line, shunting and mining locomotives (diesel and electric); DMU's and EMU's; passenger cars; freight wagons

    6. VEB Waggonbau Gotha
      Location: Gotha, Germany
      Axle gearings for diesel- and electrically-powered vehicles (Tram-cars?).
    7. Arn Jung Lokomotivfabrik GmbH
      Location: Jungenthal bei Kirchen a/d Sieg, Germany
      Products: Electric and diesel locomotives

    8. Kaelble-Gmeinder
      Location: Mosbach, Baden, Germany
      Products: diesel locomotives.

    9. KHD Deutz
      Köln, Germany
      Founded in 1927 through a merger between "Van der Zypen & Charlier" in Köln, "Killing & Sohn" in Hagen and "Düsseldorfer AG für Eisenbahnbedarf vormals Carl Weyer". The new name was "Vereinigte Westdeutsche Waggonfabriken AG, Koln-Deutz" (=Westwaggon). In 1928 the "Waggonfabrik Gebr. Gastell" in Mainz-Mombach, and in 1929 "Waggonfabrik H.Fuchs" in Heidelberg were merged.
      In 1951-53 Westwaggon was merged into the "Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz"-concern.
      Products: Diesel engines and transmission systems.

    10. Kiepe Elektric GmbH
      Location: Düsseldorf, Germany (Kiepe Elektrik); Vienna, Austria (Kiepe Electric)
      History: In 1988 Alsthom acquired full owner-ship of Kiepe Elektrik, which was formerly a subsidiary of ACEC in Belgium. The transaction also included the subdidiary Kiepe Electric in Vienna, Austria.
      In 1996 Adtranz sold Kiepe Electric in accordance with the European Commissions (EC) request.
      Products: electric traction equipment.

    11. Knorr-Bremse GmbH
      Location: Munich, Germany
      Organization: There a many subsidiaries in the entire world.
      History: Founded in 1905 by Georg Knorr.
      In 1993 two independent firms were founded: Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzuege GmbH and Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH.

    12. Linke-Hofmann-Busch (LHB) in
      location: Salzgitter, Germany
      history: In 1839 Gottfried Like founded in Breslau the Carbuilding Workshops of Gottfried Like.
      Mergers with Eisenbahnwagenbauanstalt Gebrüder Hofmann in 1912 to form Linke-Hoffman Werke AG, Breslau.
      Merged "Herbrand" in 1917.
      In 1928 the Waggon- und Maschinenfabrik AG was formed.
      Busch joined the company to form Linke-Hoffman-Busch.
      After the Second World War the company's works at Breslau had to be abandoned, but in 1949 LHB resumed its activities at Salzgitter-Watenstedt, near Brunswick.
      products: electric and diesel railcars and train-sets, tramcars, metro-cars, LRVs, passenger cars and freight wagons.

    13. MAN GHH (MAN Gutehoffnungshuette AG)
      location: Oberhausen, Germany (head office), Nürnberg (main works)Adtranz.

    14. MBB (Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH)
      location: Donauwörth, Germany
      history: Fromerly trading under the name of WMD (Waggon- und Maschinenbau Donauwörth).
      Part of Adtranz?
      products: rail vehicles in lightweight construction for underground and rapid transit commuter services, DMUs and EMUs; passenger cars.

    15. MTU (Motoren- und Turbinen Union)
      Address: P.O. Box 2040, 7990 (old zip code) Friedrichshafen, Germany
      In 1909 Wilhelm Maybach founded the "Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau-GmbH" (LMG). In 1912 renamed into "Motorenbau GmbH" and in 1918 "Maybach-Motorenbau-GmbH". Merger between Maybach and part of Mercedes-Benz into "Maybach Mercedes-Benz Motorenbau GmbH" (MMB) in 1966. In 1969 the firm was renamed as "Motoren- und Turbinen Union" (MTU).
      Products: diesel engines and power systems

    16. Orenstein & Koppel AG (O&K)
      Location head office: Dortmund, Germany
      Location main works: West Berlin, Butzbach, Dortmund, Ennigerloh, Hattingen, St. Ingbert-Rohrbach, Kissing, Lauf, Lübeck, Déols (France), Keighley (England), Batavia (New York, USA), Contagem (M.G., Brazil).
      Products: goods wagons; bi-modal excavators (rail and road); fork-lift trucks; escalators and autowalks.

    17. Partner für Fahrzeugausstattung (PFA)
      Weiden, Germany.
      Formerly known as Ausbesserungswek Weiden of the DB. Renovates coaches.
    18. Waggonfabrik Rastatt
      Badische Waggonfabrik Gmbh
      Location: Rastatt, Germany
      Products: rebuilding and overhaul of passenger and freight cars.
    19. Röchling-Burbach Stahl- und Waggonbau GmbH
      Location: Saarbrücken, Germany
      Products: freight cars including tank wagons

    20. Schöma (Maschinen-Fabrik Christoph Schöttler GmbH)
      Location: Diepholz near Bremen, Germany
      History: Christoph Schöttler founded Schöma in 1929.
      Products: Shunting, narrow-gauge and mining locomotives; diesel railcars and trailers.

    21. Waggonfabrik Talbot & Co
      Location: Aachen, Germany
      Part of the Belgian Bombardier Eurorail. See there for more information.

    22. Voith
      Location: Heidenheim, Germany
      History: Founded in 1867 by Friedrich Voith.
      Products: hydrodynamic transmissions and brakes, torque converters and automatic hydromechanical transmissions; axle-drive gearboxes, cardan shafts and cooling units.

    23. Windhoff AG
      Rheiner Maschinenfabrik Windhoff AG
      Location: Rheine, Germany
      History: Founded in 1899 by Rudolf Windhoff.
      Products: shunting vehicles and vehicles for track maintenance and inspection.


    1. ABB
      Former BRML
      Derby. Until 1995 also in York
      ABB Customer Service Ltd. in Doncaster.
      Part of Adtranz.
      History: Took controlling interest in BREL Ltd in 1992. Derby works established by Midland Railway Co. from 1840. Until 1995 ABB was also based in York; it was reported in July 1997 that the York works was being sold to Thrall. ABB Customer Support in Doncaster, etc. Other ABB companies in GB include ABB British Wheelset (Manchester) and ABB Signal (Plymouth).
      Products: passenger cars

      • BREL (British Rail Engineering Ltd.)
        Slogan: "BREL - The Driving Force in Today's Railways"
        Location: Derby, England, GB.
        Part of Adtranz.
      • History: British Rail Engineering Ltd established in 1970 as manufacturing subsidiary of British Railways Board (state-owned). Re-named BREL Ltd in 1988. Management buyout in 1989. Taken over by ABB in 1992. Works in 1970 were at: Crewe, Derby, Doncaster, Eastleigh, Glasgow, Horwich, Shildon, Swindon, Temple Mills (London), Wolverton, and York.
        Had in 1989 sites in Derby, Crewe and York
        Personnel: over 8,000 employees in 1989

    2. Walter Alexander & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd (Alexander)
      Address: 91 Glasgow Road, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK1 4JB, Scotland
      Products: Diesel railbuses.

    3. Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co. Ltd (Barclay)
      Location Caledonio Works, Ayrshire, Scotland
      Products: diesel locomotives

    4. Brush Electrial Engeneering Co. (Traction Division)
      Location Falcon Works: Loughborough, England, GB
      History: Works established by Henry Hughes & Co. in 1865; became Falcon Engine & Car Works in 1883. Taken over by Brush in 1889. From 1957, part of Hawker Siddeley Group (name: Hawker Siddeley Brush Traction), which was bought by BTR in early 90's. Brush was recently sold (to IFS?).
      Products: large diesel & electric locomotives

    5. W H Davis Ltd
      Location: Mansfield, Nottingham, England
      History: the company was formed in 1984 following a management buy-out of W H Davis & Sons Ltd.
      Products: freight wagons; containers

    6. GEC Traction Ltd.
      Manchester, GB
      Part of GEC Alsthom
      Metropolitan Vickers which was based in Manchester became Associated Electrical Industries Ltd. In the sixties, the company joined with English Electric and then taken over by GEC. The resulting traction company became GEC Tractions Ltd. They are now part of GEC ALSTHOM.
      Technical installations.
    7. Metropolitan Cammel Carriage & Wagon Co., Metro-Cammel (MetCam)
      location: Birmingham, England
      Part of GEC Alsthom

    8. James Howden & Co
      Location: Renfrew, Scotland, Great-Brittain
      Products: special-purpose wagons

    9. Leyland Bus
      location: Leyland, Preston, England
      history: started series production of rail vehicles in 1982.
      products: diesel railcars and railbuses

    10. Marcroft Engineering Ltd
      location: Burry Port, Dyfed, Wales
      products: freight waggons

    11. Powell Duffryn Wagon Company Limited
      Location: Maindy, Cardiff, Wales
      Products: Manufacture, maintenance and repair of railway rolling stock, bogies and primary suspension units.


      1. The Standard Railway Wagon Co Ltd
        A Mercantile Credit Co.
        Location: Heywood, Lancashire, England
        History: The works at Heywood have been building railway wagons for over a century. In 1989 the company was acquired by Powell Duffryn.
        Products: freight cars.

    12. Procor Engineering Ltd
      Location: Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
      A member of the Marmon Group
      Products: railway freight rolling stock

    13. Prorail
      not well known???
      Part of Bombardier Eurorail
    14. RFS Engineering Ltd
      Location: Doncaster, England
      Organization: member of RFS Industries Ltd
      Products: locomotive, railcar and multiple-unit vehicles, freight wagons (manufacture and repair); components.

    15. Thomas Hill
      Location: Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
      A Hunter company
      History: The company started in 1937 and entered the rail traction market in 1947, establishing its present workshops in 1959. Acquired by Hunter International in 1984.
      Products: new en remanufactured locomotives; road/rail shunters

    16. Trailer Train
      Location: London, England
      Products: Trailer-Train vehicles (freight wagons).

    17. D Wickham & Co Ltd
      Location: Ware, Hertfordshire, England
      History: D Wickham & Co, which was incorporated as a private limited company in 1912, has been building railway vehicles since 1922.
      Products: diesel railcars and railbuses (track maintenance and inspection vehicles).

    3.9 HUNGARY

    1. Ganz Electric
      Location: Budapest, Hungary
      History: This company developed from the electrical department started by Ganz and Co in 1878.
      Products: electric locomotives, EMU's

    2. Ganz-Mavag, later Ganz Hunslet
      Location: Budapest, Hungary
      In 1949 a forced merger took place between Ganz and Mavag.
      Since 1990 there have been many attempts made to privatize Ganz-MAVAG. It is not attractive to buyers; the technology did not change in the last years: the carbodies are produced almost on the same way as they were made in the late '30s. The first buyer was an English company and created "Hunslet". They made a number of railcars for Britain as well. Later they entered receivership, and the Austrian Jenbacher purchased a part of the company. The only thing IMO saving them from bankrupcy are the very low labour costs in Hungary.
      The sister company, Ganz Electric, who made the electric part of the locomotives and railcars was purchased by its big pre-war competitor, the Italian Ansaldo.
      Products: diesel locomotives, DMU's

    3. Ungarische Waggon- und Maschinenfabrik AG
      (Hungarian Railway Carriage & Machine Works)
      Location: Györ, Hungary
      Products: passenger cars and freight wagons

    3.10 IRELAND

    1. Unilok (Unilokomotive Ltd)
      Location: Mervue Industrial Estate, Galway, Ireland
      History: Manufactured and sold from Germany 1966 to 1976 by Hugo Aeckerle Co of Hamburg. All production and sales moved to Ireland in 1976.
      Products: shunting/switching locomotives.

    3.11 ITALY

    1. ABB Trazione
      Part of Adtranz.
    2. Antonio Badoni SpA
      Location: Lecco, Italy
      Products: diesel shunters

    3. Construzioni Elettromeccaniche Ferroviarie Fiorentine di Patrizia Pecchioli & C S as (CEFF)
      Location: Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
      Products: freight wagons

    4. Costamasnaga SpA
      Location: Costamasnaga (Como), Italy
      Produtcs: passenger cars, freight cars

    5. Fiat Ferroviaria SpA
      Address head office: Corso Ferruci 112, 10138 Turin, Italy
      Address works: Piaza Galateri 4, 12038 Savigliano (Cuneo), Italy
      History: The activity of Fiat in the field of railway rolling stock began in 1917 with manufacture of passenger and freight cars. In 1931 Fiat put the first diesel railcars into service before beginning production of DMU's and locomotives, progressing to the tilting body electric 'Pendolino' train.
      By the end of 1975 all the activities of Fiat concerning design and manufacture of railway rolling stock were entrusted to Fiat Ferroviaria SpA, the company which now controls CFC.
      Products: electric and diesel-electric locomotives; EMU's and DMU's; tramcars; passenger cars; freight wagons; bogies and components.

      • Costruzioni Ferroviarie Colleferro (CFC)
        Lovation: Colleferro (Rome), Italy
        Member of the Fiat Group
        Products: passenger cars, freight wagons

    6. Finmeccanica
      Finmeccanica is a large Italian group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange that operates in several sectors of high-technology manufacturing.
      Finmeccanica, with Ansaldo Trasporti and Breda Ferroviaria, operates as a leader in the railway and mass transit system sector. The activities in this sector include: the design, production and marketing of complete railways vehicles including electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment for heavy and light vehicle traction, passengers and goods transportation vehicles; transportation buses; signaling, traffic control and power supply systems and components.
      1. Ansaldo Trasporti SpA
        Address: Via Nouva delle Brecce 260, 80147 Napoli (Naples), Italia
        Ansaldo Trasporti designs and implements electrified railway and urban transit systems, automation and signalling for railway and metropolitan systems, light and heavy traction vehicles, power supply systems and semiconductors.
        It's a subsidiari of Ansaldo, a major engineering company. Ansaldo operates as Finmeccanica's integrated electromechanical division.
        Business Units of Ansaldo Trasporti: Vehicles, Signalling & Automation, and Systems.
      2. Breda Ferroviara
        Location: Pistoia, Italy
        Subsidiary of Finmeccania
        Products: electric locomotives, EMUs, passenger coaches
        • Ferrosud SpA
          Location: Matera, Italy
          The Company is 100 per cent owned by EFIM through the Gruppo Ferroviario Breda.
          History: Ferrosud was set up in 1963 for the manufacture and marketing of railway rolling stock and production began in 1968.
          Products: EMU's and DMU's; passenger cars; freight wagons; all types of bogie; intermodal and bi-modal systems.

        • A Gallinari SpA
          Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy
          Products: passenger coaches; baggage and mail cars

        • Italtrafo SpA
          Location: Naples, Italy
          Member of the Finmeccanica Group.
          Products: electric and diesel-electric locomotives.p>
    7. Firema Consortium
      Address Head office: Corso di Porta Romana 63, 20122 Milan, Italy
    8. Firema Trasporti SpA
      Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
    9. Member Companies:
      • Casaralta SpA
        Location: Bologna, Italy
        Member of the Firema Group.
        Products: electric locomotives and railcars, passenger coaches, freight wagons.
      • Officine Casertane SpA
        Location: Nicola La Strada (Caserta), Italy
      • Officine di Cittadella SpA
        Location: Cittadella (Padua)
      • Fiore SpA
        Location: Nicola La Strada (Caserta), Italy (also work in Ercolano (Naples)), Italy
      • Firema Engineering SRL
        Location: Milan, Italy
      • Metalmeccanica Lucaná SpA
        Location: Potenza, Italy
      • Ercole Marelli Trazione SpA
        Location: Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), Italy
      • Mater SpA
        Location: Milan, Italy
      • Officina Meccanica della Stanga SpA (OMS)
        Location: Padua, Italy
        Products: diesel-electric locomotives; eletric and diesel railcars; EMUs and DMUs; passenger cars; freight wagons.

      Products: locomotives, EMU's, DMU's; underground rolling stock; passenger cars; freight wagons

    10. Gleismac Italiana Spa
      Location: Bigarello (Mantova), Italy
      Products: diesel (shunting) locomotives

    11. Imesi SpA
      (Industie Metalmeccaniche Siciliane)
      Location: Carini, Palermo, Italy
      Products: Electric and diesel locomotives, freight wagons, and remanufacturing.

    12. Keller
      location: Palermo, Italy
      products: freight cars.

    13. OFV (Officine Ferroviarie Veronesi SpA)
      Location: Verona, Italy
      Products: passenger cars, freight wagons.

    14. OMECA SpA
      Location: Reggio Calabria, Italy
      Organization: The OMECA plant is jointly owned by Fiat Ferroviaria Savigliano and Aviofer Breda (EFIM).
      Products: Railcars, passenger cars, freight wagons

    15. Costruzioni Elettromechaniche Ferroviarie Fiorentine di Patrizia Pecchioli & C Sas
      Location: Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
      Products: freight cars

    16. Regiane OMI (Officine Meccaniche italiano SpA
      Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy
      Organization: Reggiane OMI is a subsidiary of Efimpianti, a member of the EFIM group.
      History: Founded in 1904 to build rolling stock and, a few years later, steam locomotives. After being largely destroyed during 1943 the works were rebuilt and re-equipped.
      Products: electric, diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic and diesel-mechanical locomotives; railcars; passenger cars; freight wagons; rolling stock components.

    17. SGI (Società Gestioni Industriali SpA)
      Location: Civitanova Marche, Italy
      History: In 1957 SGI took over the business of Costruzioni Meccaniche A Cecchetti, which had been wound up previously, having been operating since 1892.
      Products: passenger cars; freight wagons.

    18. Socimi (Società Costruzioni Industriali Milano SpA)
      Location head office: Milan, Italy
      Location main works: Binasco (Milan); Arluno (Milan); Reg Zentu Figghi, Sassari; and Gazzada Schianno (Varese)
      Products: DE and DH locomotives, DM-locomotives, electric locomotives, tractors; DE and DH trainsets and railcars; DM railcars and railbuses; subway cars; monorail cars; tramcars and LRVs; passenger cars.

    19. Sofer - Officine Ferroviarie, SpA
      Location: Pozzuoli (Naples), Italy
      Products: Electric, DE and DH locomotives; shunting locomotives; EMUs and DMUs; passenger cars.

    20. TIBB (Tecnomasio Italiano Brown Boveri SpA)
      Location: Milan, Italy
      Location works: Vado Ligure and Vittuone
      Organization: Member of the ABB Group, now Adtranz
      History: TIBB had been in existence since 1903. In 1919 the Vado Ligure factory was taken over by TIBB.
      Products: Electric and diesel-electric locomotives

    21. Zephir SpA
      Location: Modena, Italy
      Products: road-rail shunting tractors.


    1. Bemo Rail- & Transport BV
      Location: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
      Products: Has build a couple of small diesel-electric shunters (Railhunter).

    2. Holec Machines en Apparaten
      Location: Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
      Organization: Part of the Begemann Railgroup of the Royal Begemann Group.
      Holec has about 1,000 employees and the following three main activities:
      - the development, manufacturing and delevering of regelbare aandrijfsystemen for e.g. railroad traffic
      - the manufacturing and selling of rotating machines, engines, generators and components for aandrijfsystemen.
      - industrial automation, toegepast in e.g. transport systems and containersoverslag.

    3. NS Revisiebedrijven
      Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands
      History: Until 1994 this part of the Dutch Railways (NS) was called "hoofdwerkplaats" (main workshop), former "werkplaats der SS" (workshop of the SS). Since 1st january of 1994 part of the service-unit NS Materieel (former Materieel en Werkplaatsen) of the NS.
      Also the workshop of the SS (de werkplaats der SS) in Zwolle did build trains, but nowadays this workshops is only used for maintenance and revision.
      Products: a small engine with the name Mosi.

    4. Stork Maintenance and Manufacturing Services
      It is one of the many workcompanies of Stork N.V. and belongs to the activity industrial service. They build components for trams and trains.

    3.13 NORWAY

    1. ABB Strømmen
      formerly known as EB Strömmens Verkstaed, part of Norsk Elektrisk Brown Boveri (NEBB)
      Location: Strømen, Norway
      Part of Adtranz (ABB).
    2. A/S Finsam International Inc
      Location: Oslo, Norway
      Products: Wood-chip and reefer containers.

    3.14 POLAND

    1. Fabryka Maszyn Budowlanyeh i Lokomotyw (Bumar-Fablok)
      Location: Chrzanów, Poland
      Former member of exporter Kolmex, Warswa
      Products: diesel locomotives

    2. Cegielski Locomotive and Wagon Works
      Polish name: Zaklady Przemyslu Metalowego H. Cegielski (= H. Cegielski Metal Industry Enterprise)
      Location: Poznán, Poland
      History: Largest rolling stock works in Poland
      Former member of exporter Kolmex, Warswa
      Products: electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, diesel railcars, passenger cars.
    3. Steel Construction Works Konstal
      location: Chorzów, Poland
      Former member of exporter Kolmex, Warswa
      products: Trams and LRVs; freight wagons.

    4. Pafawag
      Location: Wroclaw, Poland.
      Part of Adtranz since 1996.

    5. Wagony-Swidnca Factory
      Location: Swidnca, Poland
      Former member of exporter Kolmex, Warswa
      Products: tank wagons, flat wagons, self-discharging wagons and containers.

    6. Piersza Fabryka Lokomotyw Polsse
      Location: Chrazanow (near Krakau), Poland.

    7. Warszawska S.A. Budowy Parowozow
      Location: Warschau, Poland.

    8. Zastal (ZZPM Zastal Zelona Gora)
      Zaodrzanskie Zaklady Przemyslu Metalowego Zastal
      Location: Zielona Gora, Poland
      Historie: The Zastal works is one of Europe's biggest freight car builders with an annual production of over 4000 wagons.
      Products: freigt cars

    9. ZNTK
      Poznán, Poland
      ??? situation unknown.

    10. ELTA
      Part of Adtranz.

    3.15 PORTUGAL

    1. Workshop Guifos
      Address: Rua do Ferroviario, Gatoes - Guifoes, 4450 Matosinhos - Portugal
      The workshop is part of the "EMEF" (Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, SA).
      Builded in 1995 six diesel motorcars (1000 mm) LRV 2000 (CP no. 9501-06).
    2. Metalsines (Companhia de Vagoes de Sines SARL)
      location: Sines Codes, Portugal
      products: freight wagons

    3. Sorefame
      Sociedas Reunidas de Fabricaoes Metálicas, SARL
      Location: Amadora Codex, Portugal
      Part of Adtranz.

    3.16 ROMANIA

    1. Arad
      Location: Arad, Romania
      Products: passenger coaches and freight cars

    2. Electroputere
      Location: Craiova, Romania
      Largest manufacturer of industrial electrical equipment in Romania.
      History: Started to build rolling stock in 1955.
      Products: electric and diesel locomotives

    3. Faur
        23 August
        Address: B-dul Muncii 256, Bucuresti, Romania
        Part of Faur.
        History: The '23 August Works' started production of railcars in 1933 and of diesel locomotives in 1936. Products: locomotives, MUs.
    4. Turnu-Severin
      Location: Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania
      Products: freight wagons.

    3.17 RUSSIA

    1. Altai
      Location: Moscow
      Products: freight wagons.

    2. Kolomna
      Location: Kolomna, former USSR
      Former part of Energomachexpor Products: diesel locomotive engines
    3. Kuibyshev
      location: Kolomensk, former USSR
      products: diesel locomotives.

    4. Lundinovo locomotive works
      Former part of Energomachexport.
    5. Mytischy Railway Car Works
      location: Mytischy, former USSR
      products: passenger cars, subway cars.

    6. Novotscherkassk Electric Locomotive Works
    7. location: Moscow, Russia
      products: electric locomotives

    8. Riga Carriage Building Works
      Location: Riga, former USSR
      Former member of Energomachexport.
      Products: EMUs and DMUs.

    9. Voroshilovgrad Diesel Locomotive Works
      Location: Voroshilovgrad, Oekraine (former USSR)
      Former member of Energomachexport.
      Personnel: 13.000
      History: Formed in 1896 under the name 'Russischen Maschinenbaugesellschaft Hartmann in Lugansk'. Founded by Gustav Hartmann, son of Richard Hartmann.
      In 1918 the name was changed into 'Lokomotive factory Octoberrevolution'. Between 1928 and 1933 the factory was modernised and expanded.
      The name of the town, Lugansk, was in 1935 changed into Woroschilowgrad, after the Marshall Kliment J. Woroschilow ('hero of the Sovjet Union').
      In 1956 the last steam locomotive was build and in 1957 the first diesellocomotive was build.
      Products: diesel locomotives

    3.18 SPAIN

    1. Ateinsa
      Location: Madrid, Spain
      Part of GEC Alsthom.
    2. Sociedad Española de Construcciones Babcock & Wilcox SA (Babcock & Wilcox Española)
      Location: Galindo (Vizcaya)
      Location works: Bilbao, Madrid
      Products: diesel-locomotives, EMUs, passenger coaches, freight cars

    3. Compañia Auxilliar de Transportes SA (CAT)
      Location: Madrid, Spain
      Location works: Villaverde, Spain
      Products: freight wagons

    4. Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA (CAF)
      Address head office: Padilla 17, Madrid 28006, Spain
      Location works: Beassain, Zaragoza, Irün
      History: CAF was formed by the merger of Material y Construcciones SA (MMC) into Compañia Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA (CAF), retaining the initials CAF. It was established in 1917 when deliveries started for the Spanish railways. It is the largest manufacturer of railway rolling stock in Spain.
      Products: Electric and diesel locomotives, MUs, passengers coaches, freight wagons

    5. CCC
      Part of Adtranz (ABB).
      ??? situation unknown.

    6. Herederos de Ramon Mugica
      Location: Irún, Spain
      Products: special freight cars

    7. Inirail
      Location: Madrid, Spain
      History: Inirail was founded in 1982 to promote and co-ordinate the export of its two member companies: Ateinsa and Maquinista.
      Products: electric and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, freight wagons

    8. Macosa (Material y Construcciones, SA)
    9. location head office: Madrid, Spain
      location works: Barcelona and Valencia
      history: Macosa was formed in 1947 by the merger of Material para Ferrocarriles y Construcciones SA of Barcelona and Construcciones Devis SA of Valencia.
      products: electric, diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives; electric and diesel railcars and train-sets, subway cars; passenger cars; freight wagons.

    10. La maquinistra Terrestra y Maritima (MTM)
      location: Barcelona, Spain
      Part of GEC Alsthom.

    11. Tafesa
      Construcción y Reparación de Material Ferroviario
      Location: Madrid, Spain
      The group comprises the Tafesa, Fabesa, Transervi, Ifasa and Imedexsa companies.
      Products: passenger cars; freight wagons.

    12. Meinfasa
      Part of GEC Alsthom.

    13. Mitsubishi Estrella
      Part of GEC Alsthom.

    3.19 SWEDEN

    1. ABB Scandia
      ABB Traction Västers, formerly known as ASEA
      Västers, Sweden
      Part of Adtranz.

    2. AB Gävle Vagnverkstad (Ageve)
      Address: PO Box 655, 801 27 Gävle, Sweden
      Part of Adtranz.
      History: In 1989 Ageve was acquired by ABB.
      Products: Diesel-hydrostatic shunters, freight cars.

    3. Hägglund Traction AB
      Location: Ömsköldsvik, Sweden
      Part of Adtranz (ASEA, ABB).
    4. Kalmar Verkstad
      Location: Kalmar, Sweden
      Part of Adtranz (ASEA, ABB).
      • Nydquist & Holn Aktiebalag (NOHAB/N&H)
        Trollhätan, Sweden
        Owned by Kalmar Verkstads AB (KVAB)
    5. Sura Traction
      Part of Adtranz (ASEA, ABB).


    1. Robert Aebi AG
      Address head office: Uraniastrasse 31-33, 8023 Zürich, Switzerland
      Tel: (01) 211 09 70
      Location works: Regensdorf
      Products: Diesel-hydraulic and diesel-mechanical locomotives

    2. Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques de Vevey (ACMV)
      Address: Villeneuve, Switzerland.
      Since about 1950. In 1995 sold to the Dutch Begemann Group and in 1997 sold to DWA.
      O.a. trams en pendeltreinen.
    3. Ferriere Cattaneo SA
      Location: Guibiasco, Switzerland
      History: Established in 1870
      Products: freight wagons, carbom and alloy steel die forgings.

    4. FIAT-SIG Schienenfahrzeuge AG
      Address: Industrieplatz, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland.
      On january 1st, 1996, the Schienenfahrzueg part of Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft (SIG) became an independent firm. This is a joint venture between SIG (40%) and Fiat Ferroviaria (FF) (60%).
    5. HPW
      Location: Switzerland
      Part of Siemens Transporation.
    6. Integra
      Location: Switzerland
      Part of Siemens Transporation.
    7. Josef Meyer AG
      Location: Rheinfelden, Switzerland
      Products: freight wagons.

    8. Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon (MFO)
      Zürich, Switzerland.
      Probably ABB/Adtranz nowadays.
      No trains, only electric installations.
    9. Schindler Waggon Ltd.
      Address: CH-4133 Pratteln 1, Switzerland, Phone: 41 61 825 9111, Fax: 41 61 825 9205
      Part of the Swiss Schindler Corporation, an elevator company.
      Location works: Pratteln near Basle and Althenrhein
      The company manufactures about 120 new vehicles per year and generates an operating income in excess of CHF 270 million.
      Personnel: 1100 employees
      History: The factory in Altenrhein was founded in 1925 as Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke AG Altenrhein (FFA). During 1931-35 the first funiculars and suspension cars were built, and the rail carriage department behan in 1945-47. At the start of 1987 FFA was taken over by the Schindler company and in the following June its railway vehicle building and general engineering were seperated from its aircraft manufacture, the former activities taking the new title of Schindler Waggon Althenrhein AG.
      Also the Schweizerische Wagons- und Aufzügefabrik Schlieren was a former independent manufacturer of coaches.
      Products: passenger coaches, driving trailers, traction units, tilting trains and light-rail vehicles (LRVs).

    10. Schweizerische Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik AG (SLM)
      Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works Ltd (SLM)
      Address: Zürcherstrasse 41, CH-8401 Winterthur (Switzerland)
      Tel: +41 (0) 52 264 10 10, Fax: +41 (0) 52 213 87 65, e-mail:
      Member of the Sulzer Corporation.
      History: Since its foundation in 1871 SLM has built well over 5600 locomotives and powered railcars to operators world wide. Among the latest developments is the innovative Lok 2000.
      General contractor for locomotives and commuter trains (EMU's, DMU's) Supplier of mechanical parts (bogies and superstructure) for locomotives, shunting locomotives and commuter trains for adhesion, rack and rack-and-adhesion operation.
      Radial selfsteering bogies, wheelsets and suspensions for all bogie types.
      Locomotives for shunting-, construction- and maintenance duties
      Rack and rack-and-adhesion railcars and locomotives
      Steam locomotives (incl. remanufacturing and rebuilding services)
      Engineering services (including wheel/rail dynamics, noise abatement, measuring and control system technology)
      Customer support including commissioning, supply of spare parts, refurbishment and repair, servicing an maintenance.

    11. Sécheron
      Location: Genéve, Switzerland. Products:No trains, only electric installations.

    12. Stadler-Fahrzeuge AG
      Location: Bahnhofstr. 7, 9565 Bussnang, Switzerland
      History: New firm, recently founded (1996/1997).

    13. Stag
      Location: Maienfeld, Switzerland
      Products: Tank wagons for the transport of dry flowable materials with pneumatic discharge.

    14. VeVey
      Location: Villeneuve, Switzerland
      Part of DWA.

    3.21 Former Yugoslavia

    1. Bratstvo
      Location: Subotica, Servia or Kroatia (former-Yugoslavia)
      Products: freight wagons

    2. Duro Dakovic Industrija Lokomotiva
      Location: Salvonski Brod, former Yugoslavia
      Founded in 1921 as the first Yugoslav locomotive and wagon manufacturer. Diesel locomotives have been produces since 1954.
      Products: diesel locomotives, passenger cars, freight wagons.

    3. SOUR Industrija GOSA
      Location: Smederevska, Palanka (former-Yugoslavia)
      Products: diesel and electric trainsets, freight wagons

    4. Fabrika Vagona Kraljevo
      location: Kraljevo, former Yugoslavia
      products: freight wagons

    5. MIN (Masinska Industrija Nis
      location: Nis, former Yugoslavia
      products: small diesel-locomotives, EMUs, DMUs, freight wagons

    6. Vaso Miskin
      Sour Energoinvest Ro Vaso Miskin CRNI
      Location: Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia
      Products: freigt wagons and containers.

    4. Sources

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    4.2 People/Thanks to:

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