The European Railway Server Software Section

As of 2001-11-29, the software section has been closed down for new additions and now functions as a historical archive only.

The reason is that the incoming ftp directory has only been abused for the exchange of pirated software recently, while legitimate uploads have practically ceased for more than a year (and in fact, completely for the last ten months), so that the administrative effort appears no longer justified.

If in spite of this, you feel that you have some software or data which should be in the ERS software section, contact me by e-mail. Do not e-mail me files unless I specifically ask you to.

Sven Manias, 2001-11-29

The contents

The ERS software section contains various sorts of rail-related software, but only shareware, freeware or public domain software.

There is always a current directory listing at .

One special focus is on Jan Bochmann's BAHN rail network simulator and files for it. Some websites about BAHN:

Note: BAHN is no longer available for download on this site, as it now can easily be downloaded from the official website.

Among the other content is a demo version of Jacques Bellanger's "Albula" signalbox simulation program for the Macintosh, for which an explanation in French is available too.

What other rail-related software is there in the world?

Some overviews on rail-related software

Selected other sites with rail-related software

How to download

The ERS software section is accessible by anonymous ftp at location:
(with a Web browser, you can simply follow this link).

If you are using text-based ftp client software, follow these steps:

  1. ftp (login as 'ftp', give your e-mail address as password)
  2. cd pub/software
  3. .......

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