In 2001(?) bus operator Connexxion won the concession to operate the very rural line Almelo-Mariënberg. Operation was never carried out by Connexxion itself, but by Syntus on behalf of Connexxion. In the beginning an old diesel trainset class DE-II was used, but this was later replaced by two former "Wadloper" DH-I diesel motor cars and in 2007 by modern "LINT-41" trainsets.

Connexxion also won the concession to operate the Amerfoort-Barneveld-Ede=Wageningen "Valleilijn" from December 2006. They introduced a new park-and-ride facility at Barneveld Noord, that now sees 4 trains per hour to Amersfoort. In December 2008 this service was extended from Barneveld Noord to Barneveld Centrum.
For this line Connexxion has ordered new electric trainsets "Protos", but some electric trainsets Plan V (Mat '64) are hired from NS because actually not enough Protos trainsets were ordered for the services now operated.

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