Class 186.1

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Number series: E186 011 - 022
UIC Class: 91 84 1186 xxx-x
Number built: still being built (12 for NS Hispeed)
Number in service: 12 (January 2009)
Introduced: 2008
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Overhead wire voltages: 1500V=, 3000V=, 15kV 17Hz and 25kV 50Hz
Continuous power rating: 5600kW
Maximum speed: 160km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 300kN
Weight in working order: 85 tonnes
Length: 18.900m
Wheel diameter (new/minimum): 1250/1170mm
Builder: Bombardier (Kassel, Germany)

The high-speed line in The Netherlands will in the end be operated by Thalys high-speed trainsets for international trains to Paris, and type V250 "Albatros" trainsets from AnsaldoBreda for services inside The Netherlands and to Brussels.

Until the new trainsets are ready and the Thalys trainsets have been adapted for ERTMS level 2 signalling, leased locomotives with refurbished "Benelux" coaches are to be used. The locomotives are of type TRAXX P160MS from Bombardier in Kassel(Germany). They are leased by NS Hispeed from Angel Trains. The first already arrived in The Netherlands during 2007 but so far the service over the high-speed line has not started yet.
From the end of 2008 these locomotives have replaced some of the unreliable locomotives class 11.8 of the Benelux service but they are also unreliable themselves! There are still major issues with the ERTMS units in the locomotives that prevent them to operate over the high-speed line.