Class 4650 "ICE-3M"

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Number series: 4651-4654 (DBAG numbering 406 051 - 054)
Number built: 17
Number in service for NS: 4 (January 2009)
Introduced: 2000
Axle arrangement:2'2'+Bo'Bo'+2'2'+Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo'+2'2'+Bo'Bo'+2'2'
Voltage systems: 1500V DC, 3000V DC, 15kV 16.7Hz, 25kV 50Hz
Continuous power rating: 3500kW (DC) / 8000kW (AC)
Maximum speed: 220km/h (DC) / 330km/h (AC)
Passenger seating: 93 first, 337 second class

The third generation of German high-speed trains is called ICE-3. In contrast with its predecessors (motor cars and trailers) the ICE-3 is a real trainset. Under AC voltage it can operate at up to 330km/h, on DC voltage up to 220km/h. The multi-voltage version of the ICE-3 (called ICE-3M) is especially designed for the line Amsterdam-Cologne-Frankfurt. NS owns 4 trainsets, DBAG has 13 of this class. DBAG ordered 37 more trainsets for 15kV 16.7 Hz only.
The first Dutch ICE-3 entered service in May 2000, operating special trains between Amsterdam and Expo 2000 in Hannover. From November 2000 the ICE-3 class took over all EuroCity trains between Amsterdam and Cologne. Since December 2002 they continue over the new high-speed line to Frankfurt. There is now a daily service from Amsterdam to Basel(CH), one to München, and 5 more up to Frankfurt.