Class RN 189

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Number series: 189 001 - 100
UIC Class: 91 80 6189 xxx-x
Number built: 100
Number in service for Railion Nederland: 58 (January 2010)
Introduced: 2003-2005
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Continuous power rating: 6400kW (15/25kV) or 4200kW (1500V=)
Maximum speed: 140km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 300kN
Weight in working order: 87 tonnes
Length: 19.580m
Builder: Siemens (Germany)

In 2003 the German Railways introduced new high-power 4-voltage electric locomotives of Siemens type ES64F4. Many similar locomotives have been built for private open-access operators, and DB/Railion took 100 of them: the Baureihe 189.

At first the locomotives were mainly used in southern Germany (especially for trains to Switzerland) but their real "multivoltage" work started at the end of 2007. The Betuweroute in The Netherlands (from Rotterdam to Emmerich in Germany) opened, and 26 locomotives are being adapted to run over this line. This mainly involves new ERTMS equipment with provision for the Dutch ATB train protection system. Their numbers are 189 023, 065-080, 082-089 and 100.

The locomotives are now not only used on the Betuweroute freight artery, but also for other international freight trains to Germany. E.g. from the "Hoogovens" at Beverwijk and from Amsterdam Westhaven. Locomotives 189 090-099 have been sold to Mitsui (MRCE) but the numbers 091 and 096-099 were temporarily leased by Railion Deutschland from MRCE again. They were returned by MRCE in October 2008.
During 2009 more locomotives were prepared for use in The Netherlands, nrs. 189 023-054/065-089/100 were equipped with ERTMS. 18 locomotives will be fitted with automatic couplers to haul the 5400 tonnes coal trains from Rotterdam to Germany in double traction.