Class 6400

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Number series: 6401-6520
UIC Class: 92 84 2264 xxx-x
Number built: 120
Number in service: 74 (January 2010)
Introduced: 1989-1995
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Continuous power rating: 1180kW
Maximum speed: 100km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 305kN
Weight in working order: 82 tonnes
Length: 14.400m
Wheel diameter (new): 1250mm
Motor: MTU 12V396 TC 13
Transmission: Electric
Builder mechanical part: Maschinefabrik Kiel(MaK), now Vossloh
Builder electrical part: Maschinefabrik Kiel(MaK), now Vossloh
Multiple traction: maximum 4 locomotives

To replace the old diesel locomotives of class 2400, and later also class 2200, the Dutch Railways ordered new diesel locomotives from MaK in Germany. They have off-center cabins looking out over both bonnets. The locomotives are a version of the standard type DE 1002 of the Maschinefabrik Kiel (now Adtranz), which has also been sold to Eurotunnel and the Bentheimer Eisenbahn in Germany. The locomotives of class 6400 are now the main diesel locomotives of The Netherlands. They only operate freight trains, although some have the necessary equipment for train heating. Apart from freight trains they are also used for trip freights and heavy shunting. In triple heading they operate the 5200 tonnes iron ore trains from the port of Rotterdam to Venlo, where they hand over to 2 electric locomotives of the DB(AG)!
The last 10 locomotives of this class (6511-6520) have already been painted in the red livery of NS/Cargo, the rest will follow in the next years during an overhaul. All locomotives now have radio remote control. The following locomotives were adapted with special (safety) systems:

In autumn 2006 4 locomotives (6401-03 and 6504) were hired for a longer period to RailPro for hauling track building/maintenance trains. They got a RailPro livery, but are still operated by Railion drivers.
20 locomotives are being adapted for full service in Germany. For this they get German safety systems, radio and remote control. Also the roof is slightly modified to fit in the German profile. Some of these locomotives will actually be used by Railion Deutschland, but most of them will stay in The Netherlands for the time being.
In July 2009 many locomotives were officially stored because of the recession. Their numbers are 6401-03/19/20/44/45/62/67-75/80-84/6504/15-20 (31 locomotives). 6467-69 were reinstated in November 2009. In December 2010 more were stored, such that only 74 locomotives remain in service.