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Another rural area in The Netherlands can be found in the east of the country, the so called Achterhoek  . In this area only two non-electrified railway lines are left: Arnhem - Winterswijk and Zutphen - Winterswijk.

Already in NS time, interchange between modes of public transport was considered very important in this area. There was a common fare system for train and bus, and short interchange times were introduced when changing from train to bus or vice versa.

In May 1999 the local bus operator Syntus took over the operation of passenger trains in the area. New light-rail diesel trainsets were ordered, but up to completion of delivery also hired NS diesel trainsets are used. Syntus also operates trains on one (unconnected) line for bus operator Connexxion. In December 2003 Syntus also started operation on a new line that was taken over from NSR. The lines operated by Syntus are:

The service on Arnhem - Winterswijk consists of two trains an hour, operated by new LINT DMUs and leased class DM'90. The half-hourly service between Zutphen and Winterswijk is operated by LINT DMUs, as is the service on Zutphen-Oldenzaal. The hourly service on Almelo - Mariënberg (with additional rush hour trains) is operated on behalf of Connexxion with "Veenxxpress" diesel motor cars class DH-I/3100, with a Syntus LINT DMU used on rush-hour trains.

In April 2005 Syntus took over another line from NSR, from Arnhem to Tiel.

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Rolling Stock of Syntus B.V.
Diesel Trainsets
Lint LINT-41
3400 DM'90