Transcription/Translation of City Names
Lots of city names in The Netherlands and the countries around are known abroad under other names, mostly translations or transcriptions into the language of the country involved. In the next table you can find the local names of some cities, with their foreign counterparts:

Aachen (D)
Aken (dutch), Aix-la-Chapelle (french), Aquisgrana (italian), Aquisgrán (spanish)
Antwerpen (B, Vlaanderen)
Antwerp (english), Anvers (french), Anversa (italian), Amberes (spanish)
Arnhem (NL)
Arnheim (german)
Berlin (D)
Berlijn (dutch), Berlino (italian), Berlín (spanish)
Braunschweig (D)
Brunswijk (dutch), Brunswick (english)
Brugge (B, Vlaanderen)
Bruges (english, french, italian), Brügge (german), Brujas (spanish)
Brussel (B)
Brussels (english), Bruxelles (french, italian), Brüssel (german), Bruselas (spanish)
Bruxelles (B)
Brussels (english), Brussel (dutch), Brüssel (german), Bruselas (spanish)
Den Haag = 's Gravenhage (NL)
The Hague (english), La Haye (french), Haag (german), L'Aia (italian), La Haja (spanish)
Düsseldorf (D)
Dusseldorp (dutch)
Emmerich (D)
Emmerik (dutch)
Gent (B, Vlaanderen)
Ghent (english), Gand (french, italian), Gante (spanish)
Groningen (NL)
Groningue (french), Groninga (italian)
Hannover (D)
Hanover (english), Hanovre (french)
's Hertogenbosch = Den Bosch (NL)
Bois-le-Duc (french), Herzogenbusch (german)
Hoek van Holland (NL)
Hook of Holland (english)
Köln (D)
Cologne (english, french), Keulen (dutch), Colonia (italian, spanish)
Leiden (NL)
Leyde (french), Leida (italian)
Leuven (B, Vlaanderen)
Louvain (french), Löwen (german), Lovanio (Italian), Lovaina (spanish)
Liège (B, Wallonie)
Luik (dutch), Lüttich (german), Liegi (italian), Lieja (spanish)
Lille (F)
Rijssel (dutch), Lilla (italian)
Magdeburg (D)
Maagdenburg (dutch), Magdeburgo (spanish)
Mechelen (B, Vlaanderen)
Mechlin (english), Malines (french, english), Mecheln (german), Malinas (spanish)
Mons (B, Wallonie)
Bergen (dutch)
Nijmegen (NL)
Nimeguen (english), Nimègue (french), Nimwegen (german)
Oostende (B, Vlaanderen)
Ostend (english), Ostende (french, german, spanish), Ostenda (italian)
Paris (F)
Parijs (dutch), Parigi (italian), París (spanish)
Vlissingen (NL)
Flushing (english), Flessingue (french), Flessinga (italian)
Here are some more important translations of railway related words. The first word is the dutch one, after this foreign translations are given:
Centraal Station
Central Station (english), Gare Centrale (french), Hauptbahnhof (german), Estación Central (spanish)
North (english), Nord (french, german), Norte (spanish)
South (english), Midi = Sud (french), Süd (german), Sur (spanish)
East (english), Est (french), Ost (german), Este (spanish)
Ouest (french), Oeste (spanish)
Many thanks to Sven Manias for his help with the city name table