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UH4599_1988-10-01.jpg (25705 bytes)

Sleeping-car UH 4599 (51 88 06-70 019-2) in traditional CIWL livery for the Pullman Orient Express. Wien, 1988-10-01.

Photo: Roland Beier, Wien.

UH4601_1988-03-19.jpg (44326 bytes)

Sleeping-car UH 4601 (51 66 06-51 021-7) in CIWL colours in the train "Chopin" Wien - Warszawa. This was the last sleeping-car with a "66" CIWL number in regular service. From 1993 on WARS took over the sleeping-car operation in this train. At least one UH continued to be operated under an ÖBB number. Wien Südbahnhof, 1988-03-19.

Photo: Roland Beier, Wien.

WL_UH_Austerlitz_1978_001.jpg (70012 bytes)

CIWL UH type sleeping car - Paris Austerlitz - 1978

Photo by Joel TASMA (

Wagons-Lits_Schlafwagen_71_85_71-70_772-7__Duesseldorf_8_5_91__D_1323__Nr_3.jpg (140643 bytes)

Wagons-Lits Schlafwagen 71 85 71-70 772-7, Düsseldorf 8.5.91. D 1323, Nr.3

Rolf Wiemann,

UH4599_1983-05-13.jpg (43765 bytes)

Sleeping-car UH 4599 (71 81 71-80 766-9) in TEN livery, owned by the CIWL and rented to the ÖBB. Wien, 1983-05-13.

Photo: Roland Beier, Wien.

4593-1.jpg (69412 bytes)

This UH-type sleeper was owned first by the CIWL, for the Madrid-Paris direct train "La Puerta del Sol". When the pool TEN was formed, was bought by SNCF. Finally, it returns to Spain, bought by Renfe for domestic services. Madrid-Fuencarral.

Photo and scan by R.Meléndez (

RENFE_WL-UH_4607.jpg (41560 bytes)

UH Sleeping-car (WLUH-4607) of RENFE, seen idle at Madrid-Fuencarral.

Unlike UH cars of other operators, those of RENFE had always retained their original CIWL livery and original slam-doors.

These ran on the "Puerta del Sol" (Paris-Madrid) from 1969 to 1981, and then on Iberic services, until their withdrawal in the late-80s.

Madrid-Fuencarral. 1991.

Photo by Perolo ( (Acknowledgements), from

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