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2005_HU_1_003.jpg (131852 bytes)

Station Zagreb Gl. kol. After arrival of IC 159 from Wien Suedbahnhof.

Helmut Uttenthaler,

7381_29-91_062-1Bmpz_Pg.jpg (36334 bytes)

E.Lok. 362-029 "EC 157 ZAGREB" Wien sud. 5.58- Zagreb in(und) Wien sud. 20.02, to novi vozni red za EC 157/156! , neu fahrplane fur EC 157/156! ( 1 )

Foto: Miro Marolt 14.December.2003 Neu fahrplane

73_81_29-91_007-6.jpg (65790 bytes)

ÖBB 73 81 29-91 007-6 Bmpz [200|RIC] (p) in Graz Hbf. And a 4010 unit on the left. tbk

Bmpz_EC.jpg (69721 bytes)

ÖBB EuroCity 2nd class car Bmpz, January 2000.

Photo: tobias b köhler

IC158Croatia06.jpg (104486 bytes)

IC 158 Croatia Zagreb-Wien Sud +131 min / Train her has much delay because of problems Elektro 3000v train and to malfunction much falls from 35 to 60 cm snow also much problem SZ. fOTO; miro m. Email; net;

IC668_Graz.jpg (77495 bytes)

IC 668 STEIRISCHES THERMENLAND in Graz Hbf before its departure to Bregenz. The last car is an ÖBB Bmpz 29-91. 2002-01-13.

Photo: tobias b köhler

IMG_3787.jpg (117883 bytes)

ÖBB Bmpz 29-91
im EC 76 "Antonín Dvorak" (Wien Süd (Ost) - Praha hl.n.) in Praha hl.n.

Photo v. Michael Katai, 26.05.2005

OeBB_Bmpz29-91_Graz.jpg (86933 bytes)

ÖBB 2nd class open car Bmpz 29-91 in the IC 668 STEIRISCHES THERMENLAND. Graz Hbf, 2002-01-13.

Photo: tobias b köhler

OeBB_Bmpz29-91_GrazH.jpg (77547 bytes)

ÖBB passenger car Bmpz 29-91 for international trains in Graz Hbf, between track 2 and 3. This one always seems to stand here - I don't know why. 2002-03-06.

Photo: tbk

OeBB_Bmpz_EC.jpg (64199 bytes)

ÖBB 2nd class open interior coach (airtight) in EuroCity MOZART (Paris - Wien) stopping in Baden-Baden.

Photo: tobias b köhler