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EC_113_Falk.jpg (77533 bytes)

ÖBB cars in EC 113 when passing the Falkensteinbrücke at the Tauernbahn. 02/07/2004

Photo: Ulf Fischer

Thousands of full size pictures from the austrian railway pictureteam: das digitale eisenbahn-fotoarchiv

EC_156Zagreb.jpg (34488 bytes)

EC 156 Zagreb Prihod v Maribor je -3 minut Redu.

Foto: Miro Marolt Dne;3/9.Marec.2004 E-mail ;

IC_Croatia_Semmering.jpg (145210 bytes)

IC "Croatia" pulled by two class 1044 locomotives passing a viaduct on Semmering. This photo was taken from the driver's cab in September 2002.

Photo by Michael Skedel.