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2005_HU_1_059.jpg (157955 bytes)

"Gartner" container train from Austria near Presevo (Serbia).

Helmut Uttenthaler,

2005_HU_1_060.jpg (140915 bytes)

"Gartner" container train from Austria near Presevo (Serbia).

Helmut Uttenthaler,

2005_HU_1_079.jpg (148172 bytes)

"Gartner" container train from Austria at Idomeni station.

Helmut Uttenthaler,

31_81_453_0_110-3_GrazM.jpg (79992 bytes)

ÖBB Sgjss 31 81 453 0 110-3. Bogie flat car, special type, usable length 18 m or more, load limit 50 to 60 t, equipped for transportation of large containers up to 60 ft with the exception of pa medium containers, with shock absorber, top speed 120 km/h. Graz-Messendorf, 2003-01-26.

Photo: tobias b köhler

A_freight_cars_of_OBB.jpg (111308 bytes)

A freight cars of OBB ( Osterreichische Bundes Bahnem / Austrian Railways) on composition of freight train from Svilengrad to Sofia , crossin central railway station Plovdiv.

Digital photo Veselin Malinov , e-mail:

Andritz5.jpg (111611 bytes)

Freight cars of the "Maschinenfabrik Andritz" on an industrial spur north of Graz, probably out of service. Probably a tarpaulin car. February 2002.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Fracht_91055_El_H2_03_06_2006.jpg (150075 bytes)

Detail view of a chartered train for the Austrian army on 3rd June 2006, seen at Wien-Haidestraße.

This picture was taken by Sybic -

OeBB_Slps-x.jpg (66438 bytes)

ÖBB flat car Slps-x No. 31 81 472 7 516-4 in Straßgang near Graz (on the GKE line). It is equipped with three frames for ACTS (Abroll-Container-Transportsystem, Advanced Container Transfer System, Afzet Container Transport Systeem), which allows to transfer containers between railway cars and road trucks without cranes. 2002-02-16.

Photo: tobias b köhler

OeBB_Slps-x_inscr.jpg (69755 bytes)

A closer look at the inscriptions of the ÖBB Slps-x 31 81 472 7 516-4, with instructions on how to unlock and lock the ACTS frames. I don't know what the "B 100 + 4" means. To avoid losing balance, only one frame can be tilted out at a time. Straßgang (GKE), 2002-02-16.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Smms_Tank.jpg (145863 bytes)

A Tank on an Smms 470 7 car at Zeltweg. 09/05/2003

Photo: Ulf

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betonsw_rk.jpg (155406 bytes)

Beton sleepers for the new tracks between MÁV line number 120a Rákos and Rákoshegy at an ÖBB flat wagon. 11.06.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

freight_cars_of_OBB.jpg (93178 bytes)

A freight cars of OBB (Osterreichische Bundes Bahnen / Austrian Railways) in composition of international train, cross through railway station Pazardjik.

Digital photo Veselin Malinov, e-mail:

muldentw4-obb.jpg (76184 bytes)

40 81 971 9 008-1 ÖBB Muldentransportwagen
29. 7. 2004 Attnang-Puchheim

Photo by Petr Voltr,