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ÖBB sleeping-car type Universal

WLABmz 61 81 71-30 001-4, originally a DB/DSG WLABmh 174 from 1959, first series with München-Kassel trucks, slam doors and folding gangway doors. The only thing different from the DB version are the white doors. This 40-year-old car is used in the EuroNight 464/465 "Zürichsee" etween Graz and Zürich.

This picture is for Wolf-Jobst Siedler :)

Photo: tobias b köhler

Oebb_WLABmz_71_81_71-30_001-2__Bf_Klagenfurt_9_8_93_D_1298.jpg (127562 bytes)

ÖBB WLABmz 71 81 71-30 001-2, Bf Klagenfurt 9.8.93 D 1298

Photo by Rolf Wiemann,