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Abgestellte Wagen im Bahnhof Wolfsberg

Photo von Michael Katai

2004_06_17_Wagen_HBf_2_GH_klein2.jpg (82276 bytes)

Schlieren parked at Graz Hauptbahnhof.


Photo: Georg Hofer

2004_09_05_1016_031+Schlieren_Kleinreifling_1_GH_klein2.jpg (118115 bytes)

1016 031-5 with three Schlieren as local train Kleinreifling - Selzthal, shooted at Kleinreifling.


Photo: Georg Hofer

2006_08_19_50_81_82-35_418-5_Villach_HBf_1_klein2.jpg (68167 bytes)

50 81 82-35 418-5 parked at railway station Villach Hauptbahnhof.


Photo: Georg Hofer

2006_08_19_50_81_82-35_418-5_Villach_HBf_2_klein2.jpg (52483 bytes)

Detail of 50 81 82-35 418-5. Parked at railway station Villach Hauptbahnhof.


Photo: Georg Hofer

BDp+3Bp_Graz.jpg (119179 bytes)

A train of Schlieren cars (without locomotive) in Graz Hbf. The BDp car (2nd class/luggage) in front is still painted in the old Jaffa livery with pinstripes, the other cars are painted in the newer simplified livery. You can see the newly painted building of the station in the background. 2002-09-05.

Photo: tobias b köhler

BDp_82-35.jpg (148434 bytes)

BDp 50 81 82-35 021-7 at Salzburg Hbf. 08/06/2003

Photo: Ulf

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IMG_3985.jpg (89532 bytes)


Photo v. Michael Katai, 28.05.2005

OeBB_BDp82-35_Graz.jpg (96930 bytes)

ÖBB passenger / luggage car BDp 50 81 82-35 001-9 (type "Schlieren") in Graz Hbf, 2002-03-05. 23.7 m long, 40 seats and 20 m² space for 5 t luggage, tare weight 32 t.

Photo: tbk

RB_01.jpg (100606 bytes)

Stazione di Attnang-Pucheim. Treno regionale (RegionalBahn) Linz Hbf-Attnang-Pucheim. RegionalBahn Linz Hbf-Attnang-Pucheim in Attnang-Pucheim station.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 24-08-07 Email :

Schlieren_BDp_i.jpg (97242 bytes)

Interior of a BDp Schlieren car (with the photographer's bicycle inside). This car has no side corridor, so it is usually not in the middle of the train. Gleisdorf, 2002-09-08.

Photo: tobias b köhler