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50_81_80-73_030-3_Leb1.jpg (149846 bytes)

A-ÖBB 50 81 80-73 030-3 Bmpz-s. IC 502 Graz - Linz + IC 512 Graz - Salzburg. Leoben, 2015-05-19.

tobias b köhler

IC503+513_Leb1.jpg (162707 bytes)

IC 513 (first half, Salzburg - Graz, locomotive 91 81 1144 068-4) + IC 503 (second half, Linz - Graz, locomotive 1016 029-1) between stations Leoben and Niklasdorf. It is not standard to have both locomotives in the middle, probably the driving trailer from Linz was defective and so the train had to be pulled to Selzthal where both trains were coupled together. 2015-01-03.

tobias b köhler

IC513+503_20201020_Leb.jpg (161226 bytes)

ÖBB IC 513 Schöckl (Salzburg - Graz) together with IC 503 Pyhrn-Priel (Linz - Graz), coupled together since Selzthal. Each half train consists of Bmpz-s 50 + two Bmpz 70 + ADbmpsz 73 + locomotive 1144. Between Leoben and Niklasdorf, 2020-10-20.

tobias b köhler

IC518_110614.jpg (144854 bytes)

The Intercity trains from Graz to Salzburg and Innsbruck were in danger of being stopped (except for the trains operated with German push-pull consists) in June 2011; fortunately those plans did not become reality, instead they received a cab car, which makes the direction changes in Selzthal and Bischofshofen easier. Even though the cab car is not air-conditioned, this has the additional advantage that the trains can now transport more bicycles. Here you can see the IC 518 (Graz - Innsbruck) on 2011-06-14, near Leoben. The train consists of: Bmpz-l + Bmz + Bmpz + Bmz + ABmz + 1144.

tobias b köhler

R1713_Leb1.jpg (151468 bytes)

ÖBB class 1144 pulling regional train 1713 Mürzzuschlag - Neumarktbetween Niklasdorf and Leoben. Coaches are two Bmpz-l and one Bmpz-s. 2014-12-30.

tobias b köhler