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2006_08_12_8073_032-9_Attnang-Puchheim_GH_klein2.jpg (57920 bytes)

Interior view of 8073 032-9. This picture is taken at railway station Attnang-Puchheim. The car was enqueued in E 3426 (Attnang-Pucheim - Stainach-Irdning).


Photo: Georg Hofer

80-73_033-7_fst.jpg (122360 bytes)

8073 033-7 cab 8073 033-7 führerstand 8073 033-7 vezetőállás 2004.01.16.

Földes László

An_interior_of_second_class_passenger_car_Bmpz_of_OBB_standing_at_railway_station_Wien_Hbf1_07_09_2017.jpg (111402 bytes)

An interior in a command car "Bmpz-s" of OBB ( Osterreichische Bundes Bahnem / Austrian Railways) standing at railway station Wien Hbf in composition of the International train REX 2522 to Bratislava You can see my website:

Digital photo Veselin Malinov , e-mail:

CS_Fst.jpg (110432 bytes)

Cab of a CityShuttle control car class 80-73. 09/26/2003

Photo: Ulf

Thousands of full size pictures from the austrian railway pictureteam at

CityShuttle_neu_innen.jpg (89578 bytes)

On a train from Villach to St. Veit, I used this CityShuttle car with new upholstery (similar to those on ÓBB-EC-coaches). 01/30/03

Photo: Ulf

OeBB_Bmpz-s_in.jpg (72583 bytes)

Interior of an ÖBB "CityShuttle" cab car Bmpz-s 80-73. 2002-03-10, tbk