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20000513_SStrass_01.jpg (116722 bytes)

ÖBB (Austrian Railways) - Stations

Spielfeld Strass, 13.5.2000

Photo: Darko Pahic Szabo - more photos on

50_81_80-75_012-9.jpg (79285 bytes)

ÖBB push-pull train with the cab car 50 81 80-75 012-9 at the end. Graz Hbf, 2002-06-22.

Photo: tobias b köhler

80-75_083-0_5147_005-2_sp.jpg (84177 bytes)

Driving trailer 80-75 083-0 and the railcar 5147 005-2 of the ÖBB at Sopron GySEV station. 01.07.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

80750830_sp.jpg (94019 bytes)

Driving trailer 80-75 083-0 of the ÖBB at Sopron GySEV station. 02.07.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

8075melk01.jpg (117746 bytes)

28 May 1999;

ÖBB push and pull train with an 8075 steering unit passing the Melk abbey between Vienna and Linz.

Photo and scan by Herbert Ortner (

A_8075.jpg (46015 bytes)

8075 076-4, steering unit, used for push-pull services, most with locomotives of type 1142, at Bruck/Mur on April 11th, 1998.

Photo by Christian Pettauer (

OeBB_Bpmz-s_KalteRinne.jpg (142383 bytes)

ÖBB cab car Bmpz-s in an older (but good-looking) red-white livery on the Semmering line near the viaduct "Kalte Rinne". 2002-03-10, tbk

StP_8075.jpg (105356 bytes)

Steuerwagen der ÖBB 8075 in St. Pölten Hbf kommt gerade als Nahverkehrszug aus Linz Hbf an.

Foto: Sandor Kovacs E-Mail:

pic28.jpg (104009 bytes)

8075 075 am 24.03.2003 bei Felixdorf

Copyright by Christian Beckers;  

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