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2006_08_05_6181_88-33_002-0_Graz_Hauptbahnhof_2_GH_klein2.jpg (94631 bytes)

6181 88-33 002-0 (dining car of "Erlebnisbahn") at railway station Graz Hauptbahnhof (main station).


Photo: Georg Hofer

80_81_973_2_988-7.jpg (74197 bytes)

ÖBB Nostalgie dining-car WRz 80 81 973 2 988-7 in Graz Köflacher Bahnhof. 2002-10-20.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Bosch-Zug_K1.jpg (140856 bytes)

A class 2068 loco an he first 2 cars of the Bosch-Zug, a luggage and a restaurant car. Klagenfurt Hbf, 03/16/2003

Photo: Ulf;  

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DSCF4415.jpg (82739 bytes)

DSCF 4415 Wien WestBhf: An old-style restaurant-car in an Eilzug Or RegioExpress I travelled on this train only between Wien Hütteldorf Wien WestBhf. There's an interesting mixture of ÖBB coaches! In the background you can see the "not so nice" RegionalBahn coaches, just behind this amazing one. Balla Krisztian

IMG_2249.jpg (123198 bytes)

Ausgeschiedene ÖBB Wagen in der Zentralwerkstätte Simmering

Photo v. Michael Katai

OeBB_WRz31902_1GrazO.jpg (76813 bytes)

Dining-car for special trains ÖBB ErlebnisBahn WRz 31902 (80 81 973 2 988-7 WRmz) in an exhibition train. Graz Ostbahnhof, 2002-03-12. tbk

OeBB_WRz31902_2GrazO.jpg (83275 bytes)

Detail view of the ÖBB WRz 31902 (80 81 973 2 988-7 WRmz). Graz Ostbahnhof, 2002-03-12. tbk

OeBB_WRz31902_WienS.jpg (70923 bytes)

ÖBB WRz 31902 (80 81 97-32 988-7 WRmz), operated by ÖBB ErlebnisBahn. 140 km/h, 47 t, 40 seats. Wien Südbf (Süd), 2002-04-27. tbk

WRm_RIC.jpg (65946 bytes)

ÖBB RIC dining-car of an older type, painted in Jaffa colours. Graz Hbf, 1999.

Photo: tobias b köhler

WRz31902_G1.jpg (98907 bytes)

ÖBB Nostalgie dining-car WRz 31902. Graz Hbf, 2004-06-04.

tobias b köhler

WRz_31902.jpg (104153 bytes)

WRz 31902 at Villach Hbf. The car belongs to ÖBB ErlebnisBahn and is used for extraordinary trains. 02/22/03

Photo: Ulf;  

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