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5104-Erbach.jpg (158012 bytes)

BB Kbf 5104, Erbach
Kf 5104 technical monument, seen in front of the Erbach (Odenw) freight shed now used as bistro bar. Built in 1943 by Deutz (Deutz 47282) and used by the Austrian Federal Railways. Other numbers were BB X150.01 and BB 0150 001-6. Photo taken Thursday 3 July 2014.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (

OeBB_Koef.jpg (64675 bytes)

BB shunter Kf II, same type as it was frequent in Germany. Railway museum Knittelfeld, autumn 1999.

Photo: tobias b khler

OeBB_X111_04.jpg (146672 bytes)

Photo by Richard List (

OeBB_X170_01.jpg (125979 bytes)


Photo by Richard List (

StraHo_104.jpg (113947 bytes)

BB K 5159 ins Heizhaus Strasshof, 28 Mai 2012.

Photo by Leon Schrijvers

X112_07_Kd1.jpg (142378 bytes)

ÖBB shunter X112.07, Knittelfeld, 2009-08-09.

tobias b köhler

X112_07_Kd2.jpg (85107 bytes)

Preserved ÖBB departmental shunter X112.07 (a German Köf II) in front of two class 2016 mainline diesel locomotives. Knittelfeld, 2013-05-09.

tobias b köhler

X130_01_Str1.jpg (151069 bytes)

ÖSEK diesel shunter X130.01 (modernized Köf II).

Heizhaus Strasshof, 2005-04-03.

tobias b köhler

oebb_X150_01.jpg (97730 bytes)

ÖBB X150.01 at Bruck an der Leitha, May 1995

Photo and scan by Albin Michlmayr (