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1016_046-3_i1.jpg (88514 bytes)

Interior of cab 1 of the Siemens/KraussMaffei 1016 046-3, exhibited at the open house day of the FH Joanneum in Graz. 2002-03-16. The colours, beige and green, are still the same as in much older ÖBB locomotives. tbk

1016_046-3_i2.jpg (74944 bytes)

Driving console of the Siemens/KraussMaffei 1016 046-3. Graz, 2002-03-16. tbk

1016_046-3_i3.jpg (52237 bytes)

The emergency exit of the 1016 is a small hatch on the right side of the cab. If the engine room is burning, this is the only way for the driver to flee. 1016 046-3, Graz, 2002-03-16. tbk

1016_046-3_i4.jpg (50319 bytes)

Controls on the rear cab wall of the 1016 046-3, Graz, 2002-03-16. tbk

1016_046-3_i5.jpg (51044 bytes)

Central corridor of the 1016 046-3, Graz, 2002-03-16. tbk