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Station Stainz, end of a museum railway from/to Preding-Wieselsdorf, 2008-11-09.

tobias b köhler

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Various narrow gauge rolling stock in the shed of Stainz. 2002-04-01. tbk

Stainzer_Flascherlzug.jpg (156335 bytes)

Stainzer Lokalbahn - "Flascherlzug" Stainz - Preding-Wieselsdorf on the way. It takes 20 minutes to Kraubath, stops there for 20 minutes, takes another 20 minutes to Preding-Wieselsdorf, stops there for 15 minutes and returns to Stainz; unfortunately these timetables aren't published in all detail. 2011-09-16.

tobias b köhler