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2008-11-29-0017.jpg (68091 bytes)

ÖBB narrow gauge train at Lunz am See.
Martin P.

2008-11-29-0022.jpg (115585 bytes)

ÖBB narrow gauge train on the viaduct at Waidhofen.
Martin P.

5090_Ybbstal.jpg (109099 bytes)

13 Jan 96;

Two 5090 DMUs on the Ybbstalbahn somewhere between Oponitz and Großhollenstein

Photo and scan by Herbert Ortner (

OeBB_MzB_5090_Alpenbahnhof.jpg (38693 bytes)

St. Pölten Alpenbahnhof, 5 September 2001.
Two 5090 motorcars approaching St. Pölten Alpenbahnhof, coming from St. Pölten.

Photo: Rob Reinders (

OeBB_MzB_5090_Kilb.jpg (39668 bytes)

Kilb, 5 September 2001.
A 5090 DMU arrives in Kilb, along the non-electrified branch of the Mariazellerbahn to Mank and Ruprechtshofen. Most trains go as far as Mank. These days only a few trains leave Ruprechtshofen very early in the morning, and go to Ruprechtshofen in the afternoon.

Photo: Rob Reinders (

Triebwagen_St__Poelten.jpg (47528 bytes)

Drei Dieseltriebwagen in St. Poelten Hbf. Die linken beiden sind Schmalspur-5090er fuer die Mariazellerbahn, der rechte ein 5047er. 7.8.02

Thre DMUs in St. Poelten Main station. The left two ones are narow gauge class 5090 for the famous Mariazellerbahn, the right one is an 5047. 08/07/02

Photo: Ulf

pic180.jpg (121267 bytes)

ÖBB 5090 Führerstand

Copyright by Robert Zirknitzer;

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5090-003-mt.jpg (71293 bytes)

ÖBB Class 5090 Diesel Railcar.
Unit 5090 003-4 has recently arrived in platform 11 at Zell am See while the left unit 5090 007-5 (in new livery) prepares to depart to Bruckberg Golfplatz from platform 12 on a rainy Monday September 23rd, 2002. These units are one-man operated and carry "Schaffnerlos" signs in the front windows.  

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


2009-05-03-0010.jpg (83156 bytes)

Narrow gauge vehicles at Waidhofen.
Martin P.

2009-05-03-0011.jpg (94190 bytes)

Narrow gauge vehicles at Waidhofen.
Martin P.