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ET_10_105-Schruns.jpg (160313 bytes)

MBS EMU ET 10.105, Schruns
Montafonerbahn electric railcar ET 10.105/ES 10.205 seen at Schruns train station. This former ÖBB unit 4130.02 built in 1958 literally experienced its second spring on the Montafonerbahn between 1990 and 2003. On the left there's 1045.01. Photo taken Saturday 21 June 2003.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (

MBS-ET10_105.jpg (53344 bytes)

Montafonerbahn - Austria
ET 10.105 in Bludenz, 18-07-1995.

Photo and scan by E. Konijnendijk.

MBS.jpg (157178 bytes)

Private Austrian MBS EMU 10.105 parked at Lindau-Reutin/Germany. Seen on 12.04.2004

Digital photo by Gary Welsch

MBS_10_106_Str.jpg (117909 bytes)

Heizhaus Strasshof: MBS 10.106 07/01/2003

Photo: Ulf

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MBS_Graffiti.jpg (54017 bytes)

Graffiti on the Transalpin of MBS.

Photo: Stefan Netzer

MBS_Transalpin.jpg (55127 bytes)

MBS EMU 10.105, ex ÖBB 4130 Transalpin. This trainset will be destroyed soon.

Photo: Stefan Netzer