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Stern & Haferl rectifier unit at Bachmanning, seen from the local train Lambach - Haag am Hausruck. While the section Neukirchen bei Lambach - Haag am Hausruck is electrified at 800 V DC, the Lambach - Neukirchen section (shared with ÖBB) is electrified at 15kV AC. Nowadays local trains to Haag am Hausruck are operated with dual voltage units. However, historic equipment needs to be operated with this rectifier unit on the shared section.
Martin P.

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Stern&Hafferl - Austria
With this transformer vehicle numbered EGL25 052, DC trainsets of the Lambach-Haag line could operate over the 15kV ÖBB line into Lambach station.
Vorchdorf, 14-08-2012

Digital photo by Marco van Uden