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OMV_1_Strasshof.jpg (91560 bytes)

OMV fireless steam locomotive No. 1. One of four units built between 1961 and 1973. 40 km/h, 60 t, 85 bar boiler pressure. Heizhaus Strasshof, 2002-04-07. tbk

OMV_Moritz_Strasshof.jpg (100163 bytes)

OMV diesel locomotive "Moritz", built by SGP. In the background you can see men working on the Swiss crocodile. Heizhaus Strasshof, 2002-04-07. tbk

OMV_diesel_Str.jpg (135881 bytes)

Heizhaus Strasshof: OMV fireless steam locomotives. 2003-07-01

Photo: Ulf

StraHo_105.jpg (157114 bytes)

ÖMV 'Moritz' steht beim Heizhaus Strasshof, 28 Mai 2012.

Photo by Leon Schrijvers