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2008-05-25-0031.jpg (57717 bytes)

ÖBB station Wels Hbf.
Martin P.

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Display at Wels Hbf.
Martin P.

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Stazione di Wels. Vista dal passaggio pedonale in direzione Linz Hbf. Wels station. View in direction Linz Hbf, from the pedestrian footbridge.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 23-08-07 Email :

Wels_02.jpg (91591 bytes)

Treno delle Wels Lokalbahn per Grunau im Almtal in stazione di Wels. Wels Lokalbahn train to Grunau im Almtal in Wels station.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 23-08-07 Email :

Wels_LB.jpg (150854 bytes)

Stazione di Wels Lokalbahn sulla linea per Grunau in Almtal. Wels Lokalbahn station on the line to Grunau in ALmtal.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 22-08-07 Email :