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Bahnhof_Zeiselmauer-Koenigstetten.jpg (85822 bytes)

Südgebäude des Bahnhof Zeiselmauer-Königstetten an der Strecke Wien - Tulln (Franz-Josefs-Bahn Wien-Gmünd-Prag).

Foto v. Michael Katai

Bf_Weissenstein.jpg (111083 bytes)

Weißenstein-Kellerberg railway station on the Drautal-line. 01/21/2004

Photo: Ulf Fischer

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Bild_113.jpg (105053 bytes)

Station Winterbach on the St. Pölten - Mariazell line.


Helmut Uttenthaler,

Hst_Weinburg.jpg (151399 bytes)

Hst. Weinburg on the MZB. 06/29/2003

Photo: Ulf

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IMG_2605.jpg (143932 bytes)

ÖBB Haltestelle Weißenkirchen i.d. Wachau

Photo v. Michael Katai, 05.03.2005

IMG_3215.jpg (152012 bytes)

ÖBB Bahnhof Ybbs a.d. Donau

Photo v. Michael Katai, 16.04.2005

IMG_3216.jpg (143291 bytes)

ÖBB Bahnhof Ybbs a.d. Donau

Photo v. Michael Katai, 16.04.2005

IMG_3912.jpg (152325 bytes)

ÖBB Haltestelle Waidegg

Photo v. Michael Katai, 28.05.2005

IMG_3967.jpg (152012 bytes)

ÖBB Haltestelle Vellach-Khünburg

Photo v. Michael Katai, 28.05.2005

IMG_4207.jpg (167568 bytes)

ÖBB Haltestelle Weitlanbrunn

Photo v. Michael Katai, 03.06.2005

IMG_4636.jpg (139062 bytes)

ÖBB Haltestelle Zellermoos

Photo von Michael Katai, 19.06.2005

IMG_6904.jpg (80676 bytes)

ÖBB Bahnhof Zellerndorf

Photo v. Michael Katai, 24.09.2005

IMG_6906.jpg (103492 bytes)

ÖBB Bahnhof Zellerndorf

Photo v. Michael Katai, 24.09.2005

IMG_7796.jpg (82469 bytes)

WLB Bahnhof Wiener Neudorf

Photo v. Michael Katai
Datum: 13.8.2004

Velden_01.jpg (143694 bytes)

Stazione di Portschach am Worthersee. Portschach am Worthersee station.

Photo: Emanuele Rava, 28-8-07 e-mail:

Vils.jpg (83432 bytes)

Vils station.

Photo: Emanuele Rava, 03-05-08 e-mail:

Vocklamarkt_LB_01.jpg (123064 bytes)

Stazione di Vocklamarkt Lokalbahn con treno locale pronto alla partenza. Vocklamarkt Lokalbahn station with local train ready to go.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 22-08-07 Email :

Vocklamarkt_LB_02.jpg (96445 bytes)

Stazione di Vocklamarkt Lokalbahn. Vocklamarkt Lokalbahn station.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 22-08-07 Email :

Voitsdorf.jpg (143963 bytes)

Stazione di Voitsdorf sulla linea tra Wels e Grunau im Almtal. Voitsdorf station on Wels-Grunau im Almtal line.

Photo : Emanuele Rava, 23-08-07 Email :

Vordernberg.jpg (129789 bytes)

Station and turntable at Vordernberg Süd, Erzbergbahn. The station opened in 1872, first as an end station from Leoben, in 1891 a rack line (maximum gradient 7.1 %) over the pass was opened. Steam operation ended in 1978, after that the rack was removed; since 1986 the ore trains no longer operate over the mountain line and in 1988 all traffic between Eisenerz and Vordernberg ended. Since 2001 there are no more regular trains between Leoben and Vordernberg, but in 2003 the mountain section Vordernberg - Eisenerz was opened again as a museum line, operated with railbuses based at the turntable seen in the picture. See


tobias b köhler

Weixelbaum1.jpg (117934 bytes)

Weixelbaum an der Mur (line Spielfeld-Strass - Bad Radkersburg).


Photo: tobias b köhler

Wolfsbergkogel_schild.jpg (92200 bytes)

Sign at the station Wolfsbergkogel: "Platform direction Bruck a. d. Mur. Should a train exceptionally stop at the other platform, please wait until the train stops and follow the instructions of the train crew! Unauthorised crossing of the tracks is highly dangerous and forbidden!" All unmanned stations on the Semmering line have such signs. On this line, normally the left track is used. 2002-03-10, tbk

Zellermoos.jpg (139919 bytes)

The station Zellermoos (Zell am See)
August 7, 2003

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

Zirl-4.jpg (119614 bytes)

Station Zirl, 21-07-2002.

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

bfwolfsbergkogel_bk1103180422.jpg (147691 bytes)

Bahnhof Wolfsbergkogel

Bahnsteig und Gleise bei der Haltestelle Wolfsbergkogel, aufgenommen am 18. März 2011.

Photo: Bernd Kittendorf (

vordernberg.jpg (142309 bytes)

ÖBB - Austria
Up to 10 June 2001 the ÖBB trains runned to Vordernberg Markt. Over there the overhead wire ends, the remaining part of the line to Eisenerz (see how steep this is, it used to be rack) is operated by museum railway Eisenerzbahn. They own the small staff transporter on the right.
Vordernberg Markt, 19 May 2001

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden

westendorf.jpg (148498 bytes)

Stazione di Westendorf sulla linea Worgl-Kitzbuhel. Westendorf station on rail section worgl-kitzbuhel.

Foto: Emanuele Rava, 21-08-07 email:

wulkaprodersdorf_haltestelle.jpeg.jpg (57107 bytes)

ÖBB stop of Wulkaprodersdorf Haltestelle.

Photo by Stefan Walter