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SNCB/NMBS 7101 is seen at the depot Antwerp Dam. 1984. This locomotive belong to a serie of 3 elements.
Due to a accident this locomotive is recently removed.

Photo and scan Guy Demeulder (

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View on the cab of NMBS-SNCB HLR 7103.

Leuven , 06/07/2006.

Photo by : Denis Verheyden (

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NMBS-SNCB HLR 7103 was seen stored at the railroadmuseum in Leuven.

In the 1950s NMBS-SNCB ordered 11 heavy shunting locomotives from a consortium of Baume & Marpent (body), ACEC (electrical and mechanical part) and ABC (engine).Six were numbered in the 270 class (after 1971: HLR 70) and were equipped with a diesel-electric transmission.The other five were numbered in the 271 class (after 1971: HLR 71) and were equipped with a diesel-hydraulic transmission.While class 270/HLR 70 locomotives proved very successful and were in service until 2001, class 271/HLR 71 locomotives were very unreliable and were already withdrawn in 1980.

One locomotive of each class is preserved: PFT-TSP bought locomotive 7005 and restored it into its original livery of the 1950s, while locomotive 7103 was preserved by NMBS-SNCB and is stored at the railroadmuseum.

Leuven , 06/07/2006.

Photo by : Denis Verheyden (

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Loc 7102 at Antwerpen Dam on august 13, 1995

Photo and scan by Stefan Nicolai (

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