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081019-024.jpg (141799 bytes)

NMBS 5201
Brussel Zuid, 19-10-2008.

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

170.jpg (81010 bytes)

Locomotive 5212 with unit 4410 from Libramont to Virton at the railway station of Bertrix on 18-5-2001.

Photo and scan by Date Jan de Vries (

224.jpg (101517 bytes)

Locomotive 5212 with P-train 7682 from Dinant to Namur at the railway station of Dinant on 21-5-2001.

Photo and scan by Date Jan de Vries (

5205bert.jpg (71697 bytes)

SNCB/NMBS Diesel locomotive 5205.
The famous line "Athus Meuse" (Virton-Bertrix-Namur) use mainly DMU for the passenger trafic.
This passenger train is the only one to run each days.
Bertrix 08/1997.

Photo and scan Guy Demeulder (

5206Namur_mai_1993.jpg (113926 bytes)

5206 with a freight train comming from the "Athus Meuse"
Namur 1993.

Photo and scan Guy Demeulder (

5211.jpg (44197 bytes)

NMBS 5211 with a freight train in Neufchâteau, 15-3-1996.

Photo and scan by E. Konijnendijk.

5211a.jpg (52806 bytes)

NMBS 5211 in Marloie, 15-03-1996.

Photo and scan by Eddy Konijnendijk.

5215.jpg (120634 bytes)

Belgium locomotive type 52. 5215 is seen at the station Hermalle Sous Huy on august 1989.

Photo and scan Guy Demeulder (

5217_Dinant_oct_1984.jpg (126922 bytes)

5217 with a freight train coming from the "Athus Meuse"
Dinant 1994.

Photo and scan Guy Demeulder (

Ghis_16.jpg (115941 bytes)

For many Western European countries, the real modern times by the railways began in ernest with the legendary NoHAB diesel locos of American design, that a Swedisch and a belgian builder were entitled to produce in license. Norway, Denmark, Luxemburg, Hungary and Belgium based the backbone of their post-1945 locomotive fleets upon this rugged design and it is a matter of fact, that still, after 55 years of use, their are some NoHABs still operating. Others have received a lease of life in a museum, like 202 020 with TSP/PTF. The loco is seen here at sain-Ghislain on 12 september 2004. Scanned photo by Leon Schrijvers

NMBS_5216_Arlon.jpg (103740 bytes)

NMBS 5216. Arlon station. 01-08-2004. Photo; Arthur Akkermans.

SNCB5204.jpg (95784 bytes)

SNCB5204 AT RONET, 30/08/2000.


YD_5205+5318_Ronet_020920.jpg (145533 bytes)

SNCB 5205 at Ronet on September 20, 2002

Yves Devlaminck ( )--- news:// ---

YD_5217_Ronet_020815.jpg (113316 bytes)

SNCB 5217 at Ronet on August 15, 2002

Yves Devlaminck ( )--- news:// ---

Yd_5214_mkm_020723.jpg (114230 bytes)

SNCB 5214 at Stockem workshop on July 23, 2002

Yves Devlaminck ( )--- news:// ---

hld5215r.jpg (149402 bytes)


One of the 15 locos that are in service of SNCB/NMBS' track buildingcompany Tuc-Rail , is this HLD5215.It is stabled at Antwerp-Nord Yard and is assigned to haul worktrains on the High Speed Line 4 from Antwerp to Amsterdam (NL) , which is still in construction at this moment.

Antwerp-Nord Yard , 02/01/2005.

Photo by : Denis Verheyden Visit Het Spottersforum for train discutions.

nmbs5253.jpg (89843 bytes)

TYPE 52 en 53

Locs 5206 and 5319 in Namur in the summer of 1987. Here, they are still in their original state. These locomotives are derived from the american F7 design. Photo taken in Namur or southern Belgium in the summer of 1987. These locos are in the process of being withdrawn completely (1995). Norway, Denmark, Luxemburg and Hungary all have/had similar locomotives.

Photo by Christian Larsen
Scan via Photo CD.

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