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Apm51_SBB.jpg (140031 bytes)

SBB CFF FFS Apm RIC, of the series 51 85 19-70 153 to 161, 1993 rebuilt from Bm 22-70 to Bpm RIC (of 1966 to 1967) with 54 sleeperette seats for night trains, later reclassified to first class and used in daytime trains. It kept the distinctive blue/lilac striped design that it received when rebuilt to a sleeperette car.

Photo: Winfried Hauer, scan: tbk

Apm_260102-1rp.jpg (77360 bytes)

SBB first class wagon Apm 51 85 19-70 161-0, Chur, 2002/01/26;

SBB Erstklasswagen Apm 51 85 19-70 161-0, Chur, 26. Januar 2002;

Digital photo by Daniel Stieger (

RIC_cars.jpg (148071 bytes)

former SBB RIC type cars, parked at Schaffhausen Güterbahnhof, these car belongs to the private Rail Club Picture taken on 03.02.08

Photo and scan: Remo Habermacher (

SBB_Apm.jpg (96285 bytes)

This SBB "Apm" car originally rebuilt to 2nd class car with sleeping seats for EuroNight-trains, but later reclassificated to 1st class car, stand in station Budapest Keleti in train EN228 as special direct car Budapest-Zürich, on 15.08.2001.

Digital photo by Zoltan Czifra

SBB_RIC_A.jpg (143228 bytes)

SBB First Class RIC Car in the livery of the 90s. They were rebuild from the former "Sleperette"-cars (seat coaches for night trains). This coach was parked in Schaffhausen, the picture was taken in october 2006.

Photo and scan: Remo Habermacher (

SBB_sleeperette.jpg (69306 bytes)

SBB CFF FFS sleeperette in Dresden Hbf, rebuilt from a RIC compartment car, replacing the CityNightLine reclining chair coach in the CNL "Semper" Zürich - Dresden; stored after arrival in Dresden Hbf. November 2000.

Photo: tobias b köhler

sbb199905w04-1.jpg (68131 bytes)

SBB Reisezugwagen abgestellt im Südteil des Bahnhof Winterthur.

Mai 1999

Photo: A. Senn;