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SBB 460, No. 015-1 "Agfa" with 084-7 "150yr Jubilee". Zuerich Hbf, March 27, 1997.

Photo by: John M. Lovda,

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SBB Re 460 015-1 in St.Gallen, 10.Mai.1997. There are advertisings of "AGFA FILM" on the chassy. The locomotive is called "Dübendorf".

Photo by: Gilbert Angermann, Singen(

sbbagfa.jpg (55250 bytes)

SBB Re 460 (Bahn 2000) in Agfa Film livery waits to depart from Geneva station on 18 June 1994.

Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen, Dartmouth NS Canada (