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Re460-035.jpg (146910 bytes)

Re460 035 in Geneve on May 1998

Photo and scan by B. Garnier (

SBB460wvds.jpg (29103 bytes)

SBB CFF FFS locomotive class 460 in special livery "Wir verbinden die Schweiz".


ch460035.jpg (115101 bytes)

SBB Re 460 035-9 in Frutigen near Lötschberg, 12.Oct.1996. There are advertisings of "Nous relions les Suisse" at the sides on the chassy.

Photo by: Gilbert Angermann, Singen(

connect.jpg (93873 bytes)

SBB 460, No. 035-9 "Nous relions les suisses" (We connect Switzerland). Brig, March 31, 1997.

Photo by: John M. Lovda,

connect2.jpg (96556 bytes)

SBB Re460, No.036-7, "Nous relions les Suisses" (We connect Switzerland), Brig, March 31, 1997.

Photo by: John M. Lovda,

sbb98091431.jpg (99470 bytes)

SBB Re 460 mit Intercity fährt aus dem HB Zürich aus.

16. Aug. 98

Photo and scan: A. Senn;