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BVZ_Gm33_72.jpg (130890 bytes)

BVZ Gm 3/3 72 in Visp. 1993.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka

BVZ_Gm72.jpg (138158 bytes)

BVZ diesel shunter Gm3/3 nr. 72 at Zermatt, 17.05.1997.

Photo and scan by Czéh György (

DSCF0547.jpg (261997 bytes)

My friend is playing 'locomotive driver' on a small shunter in Zermatt on 24.07.2007 20:32.

Photo by Jan Christian Haddorp (

DSCF0551.jpg (232812 bytes)

Shunter working in Zermatt station. Building a cargo train on 25.07.2007 08:30.

Photo by Jan Christian Haddorp (

ER13-CH-72.jpg (147535 bytes)

Visp station.

Photo by Emanuele Rava, 08-08-2013 e-mail

Gm_3_3.jpg (124467 bytes)

Locomotiva da manovra a Zermatt

Foto di T. Neri

MGB-GM3-3-71.jpg (122372 bytes)

MGB Gm3/3 number 71 parked in the goods depot at Visp on 15/Aug/2004.

Photo by Chris Busby

MGB_Gm33_71_Visp.jpg (152791 bytes)

Materhorn-Gotthard-Bahn - Switzerland
Diesel shunter Gm 3/3 71 stabled in Visp with a freight train. As cars are not allowed into Zermatt, much freight is transported there by train from Visp and Täsch.
Visp, 03-03-2010

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

MGB_Gm_72.jpg (110805 bytes)

Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn MGB Gm 3/3 72 in Zermatt (9.8.05).

Photo by Wolfgang Mauser (

MGB_Gm_72a.jpg (137721 bytes)

Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn MGB Gm 3/3 72 in Zermatt (9.8.05).

Photo by Wolfgang Mauser (

bvz72.jpg (69457 bytes)

BVZ Gm3/3 diesel switcher with empty coaches at Zermatt, 15 June 1994.

Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen, Dartmouth, NS, Canada (

img_s0222.jpg (141574 bytes)

Trip to Switzerland November 2003.

Diesel shunter in Zermatt moving on the track connecting MGB and GGB station.

Photo by Stephan R. Schilling.
Feel free to contact me for information.
These picture series is dedicated to S.L. who is always on my mind...

mgb71visp1.jpg (84205 bytes)

mgb diesel shunter Gm 3/3 71 (ex BVZ) in Visp. Here the narrow gauge tracks were recently moved from the front yard into the main station. 2009-02-16.

tobias b köhler

mgb_Gm3-3_72.jpg (131732 bytes)

mgb diesel shunter Gm 3/3 72 with freight wagon Haik-v 2412 at a station on the Zermatt line. 2009-02-16.

tobias b köhler