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470liv.jpg (14254 bytes)

This is the new experimental livery for the ETR470 prototype.
A similar livery is also on most of EMU and DMU on the Pisa-Pontedera and Empoli-Siena routes and on some carriages of Pisa-Grosseto Trains.

Photo taken by Leonardo Boselli <> on 22/8/1996

470open.jpg (13490 bytes)

Although not perfect (taken from a running train) this picture show how on the ETR470 and ETR460 appears standard bumbers and hooks for shunting with standard locos or temporarily joining two trains.

Photo taken by Leonardo Boselli <> on 22/8/1996

ETR470HT.jpg (49142 bytes)

Cisalpino ETR470-000 during tests in Switzerland, passing Hohtenn southbound. 02-09-96

Photo taken by Hugo Müller uploaded by

ETR470_S.jpg (74846 bytes)

5 July 1997, station: Stuttgart Hbf, Germany
ETR 470 "Treno Zero" prototype train, owned by Fiat Ferroviaria. The train was doing test runs in Germany in preparation for the planned through services Milano - Zürich - Stuttgart with Cisalpino ETR 470 trains. In the background on the right you can see 110 290 with train IR 2561 (Karlsruhe - Nürnberg - Gera - Leipzig).

5. Juli 1997, Bf. Stuttgart Hbf, Deutschland
ETR-470-Prototypzug "Treno Zero" (Eigentum von Fiat Ferroviaria). Mit diesem Zug wurden in Deutschland Testfahrten durchgeführt zur Vorbereitung der geplanten durchgehenden Verbindungen Milano/Mailand - Zürich - Stuttgart mit ETR 470 der Cisalpino AG. Rechts im Hintergrund 110 290 mit IR 2561 (Karlsruhe - Nürnberg - Gera - Leipzig).

Photo by Sven Manias (
Scan by Ullrich Rieger

Pendo022.jpg (42312 bytes)

Every modern comfort in the tilting train. In the future with the `Pendolino Cisalpino' between Genève and Milano.

Photo from, used with permission. Copyright SBB CFF FFS photo archives service, CH-3030 Bern.

cis_lug.jpg (33389 bytes)

Cisalpino ETR 470 from Zürich to Milano at the Lago di Lugano, in Ticino/Switzerland.

Photo: SBB CFF FFS (from

lastscan4.jpg (54297 bytes)

150 obletnice Južne Železnice GRAZ-CELJE , 1.junij.1996/// 150 anniversary of South Railroad GRAZ-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 Jahrestag der Süd-Bahn Graz-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 ans de chemin de fer du Sud-GRAZ CELJE, 1.junij.1996///

Foto: Miro M.-EuroCityCard - SLovenia email