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DB_car_Panorama.jpg (139183 bytes)

Panorama car (ex-TEE) at Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof, May 1990. The owner of the car is the travel agency "Mittelthurgau".

Photo and scan by Czéh György (

adm101a1.jpg (81771 bytes)

Ex Aussichtswagen ADm 101 der DB in
der Lackierung des Reisebüros
Mittelthurgau in Bonn.

Ex DB Domecar ADm 101 in the livery
of the "Mittelthurgau" travel agency
seen in Bonn.

Foto und Scan: Achim Althausen

rmt_dome.jpg (67157 bytes)

One of five dome-cars which were built in 1962 and 1965 for the DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn) and are now used by the Reisebüro Mittelthurgau for excursions.

Photo: Tobias Köhler (
Scan: Jürgen Gittinger (

rmt_pan_int.jpg (65565 bytes)

The interior of a dome-car (ex AD4üm-62), built in 1962 for the Deutsche Bundesbahn (used in the TEE `Rheingold' between Switzerland and Amsterdam), now owned by the Swiss reisebüro mittelthurgau (used in excursion trains all over Europe). These cars have 22 seats in a raised glass dome, a bar at one end and two compartments at the other end. The post and luggage compartments under the dome are now used as storage room for the bar. The tables in the dome have been added by the RMT. There are five of these cars, they are the only American-style dome-cars in Europe.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

rmt_panorama.jpg (12565 bytes)

The five dome-cars which were built in 1962/1965 for the Deutsche Bundesbahn are now owned by the reisebuero mittelthurgau (a subsidiary of the mittelthurgaubahn and Frauenfeld-Wil-Bahn) and used in special trains or coupled to regular trains for special tours. Here, one of these Panorama cars (1st series, many small windows in the dome) is in Karlsruhe.

Photo and scan by Tobias B. Koehler (