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CD_Bcmz_BudapestKeleti.jpg (105585 bytes)

CD couchette car A-CD 61 81 59-70 047-4 "Bcmz" at Budapest Keleti pu, in the EN476 "Metropol" train. Date: July 2014.

Digital photo by Zoltan Czifra

A_couchette_car_of_CD_Bcmz_at_railway_station_Bratislava_hl_st__in_composition_of_Metropol_03_07_2022.jpg (114335 bytes)

A couchette car of CD ( Ceske Drahy / Czech Railways ) type "Bcmz" at railway station Bratislava in composition of EC 275 / EN 477 "Metropol" from Praha hl.n. to Budapest Nyugati. This is a Bvcmbz 248.5 car of RDC (Rail Development Corporation) rented to CD for the "Metropol" and "Chopin" services. You can see my website:

Digital photo Veselin Malinov , e-mail: