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Czech BRm 5154 85 40006-0 in train RE5606 (originally CD train R264 09:15 Praha hl n to Munich Hbf) on Tuesday July 5th, 2005.
This car has a full length side corridor providing access to 4 second class compartments and a dining section. The dining section has its own centre aisle for the 8 seating bays (4 seating 2 persons and 4 seating for 4 persons) and kitchen area. The restaurant section is only open while running in the Czech Republic.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


A_buffet_car_of_CD_type_BRm_at_railway_station_Liptovsky_Mikulas_in_composition_of_EC_243_from_09_09_2017.jpg (63712 bytes)

A buffet car of CD ( Ceske Drahy / Czech Railways ) type "BRm" at railway station Liptovsky Mikulas in composition of EC 243 "Rohace" from Ostrava Svinov to Kosice. You can see my website:

Digital photo Veselin Malinov , e-mail: