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020-011-mt.jpg (102670 bytes)

CD Diesel Railcar.
Trailer 020 011-3 & railcar 830 170-7 with international train OS6221 (11:00 Zittau-Liberec) at Zittau on Thursday May 8th, 2003.    

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


820.jpg (33045 bytes)

Three DMU 820 in the station Loket. In the front of is 820.100, on the left is 820.056 (old red-yellow paint), behind of is 820.068

Photo was taken 21.5.1996. Car 820.056 was repaired and new painted (red-white) and sometimes used in Kralupy. Car 820.100 is in depot Karlovy Vary, but not used. Car 820.068 get out of order and now is ready to liqudation.

820056.jpg (83015 bytes)

Ceske Drahy (CD)
Motor coach class 820

Unit 820 056-0 as local passenger train Os 19779 Podlesín-Stredokluky, leaving Podlesín, on 12.February 1998.

Photo and scan by Petr Kaderávek (

820057.jpg (52235 bytes)

Ceske Drahy (CD)
Motor coach class 820

Unit 820 057-8 as passenger train Os 27056 Karlovy Vary -Merklín in station Karlovy Vary dolní nádrazí (=lower station) on 4.December 1994.

Photo and scan by Petr Kaderávek (

820_021.jpg (102713 bytes)

Motor coach 820.021 on train Os 26804 near Mikulov v Krusnych horach.

Photo by Ondrej Msal, 13.9.1997

820_056-0_Luzna.jpg (122104 bytes)

Diesel unit 820 056-0.

Railway museum Luzná u Rakovníka, 2007-06-19.

tobias b köhler

820_100.jpg (54037 bytes)

Motor coach 820.100 (820.046 pulling), near Chomutov-mesto. Two of old motor coaches operates on special train for visitors "Czech-Saxonia railway fest in Krimov" . This train went betwen Chomutov-Zatec-Most-Chomutov twice a day.

Photo by Ondrej Msal, 14.5.2000

Bix020_Rumburk.jpg (50905 bytes)

The open gangway between two Bix 020 (trailers for DMUs) in Rumburk. The big windows of these trailers allow quite a good view. 2001-04-08.

Photo: tobias b köhler

CD021.jpg (149675 bytes)

CD 021 047-6 Btx 2. Class Car (Built in 1996) in Hrusovany nad Jevisovkou on 31.05.2004.

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

CD820056.jpg (78232 bytes)

820 056 at Horni Slavkov (line Chodov-Krasni Jez) 29.05.1996

Photo: Michael Lange

CD820100.jpg (102387 bytes)

820 100 with a 020 car and another 820 in Vojkovice (line 140) 05.05.1996

Photo: Michael Lange

CD820120.jpg (113820 bytes)

820 120 in Loket (in the background the castle) 29.05.1996

Photo: Michael Lange

CD820UDL.jpg (133463 bytes)

820 056 near Udoli on a bridge 29.05.1996

Photo: Michael Lange

cd77.jpg (88534 bytes)

Units 021 018-7, 021 016-1, 021 065-8 and 021 019-5 at the railway station of Liberec on 20-7-2005.

Photo and scan by Date Jan de Vries (email:

cd820-01.jpg (45774 bytes)

Czech Republic / Czech Railways

M 240.063 (820.063) in Hranicna, 1995

These dmu's were built in early 60's for service on local railways, more than 120 was built. Last five cars are still in service on local railways Stredokluky-Podlesin and Rudna - Hostivice, both close of Prague

Photographed by Richard Bilek,

cd820046-1.jpg (138846 bytes)

Unit 820 046-1 is standing in station Praha hl.n. as passenger train to Rudna u Prahy. Taken on 25/5/2002.

Photo and scan by Michael Jancik

cd820100-6.jpg (140985 bytes)

Unit M 240.0100 (820 100-6) taken in Praha Branik. on 31/5/2003. On 31/5/2003 special diesel and steam trains were going on ocassion International Children Day. For example, this unit was going on "Bridge of Intelligency", whitch is between Praha Radotin and Praha Krc. This bridge is ordinarly used for freight transport.

Photo and scan by Michael Jancik

cd820114-7.jpg (132939 bytes)

Unit 820 114-7 is standing in station Praha hl.n. as passenger train to Rudna u Prahy. Taken on 29/12/2000.

Photo and scan by Michael Jancik

cdM240.0089.jpg (127820 bytes)

Historical "motor-coach" M 240.0089 (new sign 820 089-2) this engine was in Korenov on ocassion of the 100th anniversary of the opening railway for Tanvald to Harrachov on 29/7/2002.

Photo and scan by Michael Jancik

reg_cars_Zn.jpg (90749 bytes)

Two regional cars at Znojmo. 08/14/2003

Photo: Ulf

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