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02-08-2006-0035.jpg (80660 bytes)

CD local train to Zelezna Ruda is arriving at Janovice nad Uhlavou


Martin P.

02-08-2006-0072.jpg (91129 bytes)

CD local train from Klatovy after arrival at Zelezna Ruda


Martin P.

02-08-2006-0073.jpg (89560 bytes)

CD local train from Klatovy after arrival at Zelezna Ruda


Martin P.

831-113-mt.jpg (122715 bytes)

831 113-6 at Olomouc hl n on Wednesday June 29th, 2005.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Binbrook, Ontario, Canada. (


831-186-mt.jpg (157693 bytes)

831 186-2 at Domažlice on Tuesday, July 5th, 2005.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Binbrook, Ontario, Canada. (


831113uhler.jpg (74502 bytes)

CD - Ceske drahy (Czech Republic)
Stare Mesto pod Kralickym Sneznikem, 26.07.2003
Special train.

Photo by Michal Uhler,

831162.jpg (36036 bytes)

Ceske Drahy (CD)
Motor coach class 831

Units (from left to right) 831 162-3, 831 168-0, 831 143-3 and 831 167-2 in depot Klatovy on 26.August 1996.

Photo and scan by Petr Kaderávek (

831199uhler.jpg (82569 bytes)

CD - Ceske drahy (Czech Republic)
Branna, 31.07.2003
The passenger train Os 3620 in the station Branna on the rout no. 292 - "Slezky Semmering".

Photo by Michal Uhler,

831_186.jpg (98173 bytes)

An old DMU 831.186 (before diesel motor change and reconstruction 830.186/M262.0186).

Photo was taken in Janovice nad Uhlavou 28.7.1997. This train ride to Zelezna Ruda, journey on the left is to Domazlice.

Photo: Ondrej Msal

CD831_1102je.jpg (145114 bytes)

CD 831 110-2 in Jesenik on 12.03.2005.

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

CD831_1821ll.jpg (155506 bytes)

CD 831 182-1 leaving Lipová Lázne to Jesenik on 21.09.2005

Photo by Iványi Csaba (c.ivanyi@chello. hu)

CD831_1995je.jpg (148680 bytes)

CD 831 199-5 in Jesenik on 31.10.2004.

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

CD831_2340bl.jpg (148761 bytes)

CD 831 234-0 as stopping train to Jesenik in Bludov on 19.09.2005

Photo by Iványi Csaba (c.ivanyi@chello. hu)

CD_831_217-5.jpg (117009 bytes)

On the evening of July 12, 2003, CD diesel railcar 831 217-5 is ready for departure at Domazlice station near Plzen.

Photo by Ralph Pringsheim, Lupsingen, Switzerland.

CD_VT_831217-5_rt-ws_ZelRu3.jpg (109927 bytes)

CD 831 217-5 in red/white livery
Zelezna Ruda, 12/2002

Photo by Ralf Aroksalasch,

See more of my railway photos at: RRR - Ralf's Railway Resort

Cd831_1441do.jpg (148211 bytes)

CD 831 144-1 - this old DMU will go to Furth im Wald on 30.05.2004.

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

X01_Os_17547.jpg (149056 bytes)

Osobni vlak 17547 (Domazlice - Klatovy) waits for the service Engine: 831.167-2 (CD) 8. 7. 2006

Photo by Milan Dolejší (

cd831130dl.jpg (118292 bytes)

CD - Czech Republic
They still go strong! Although now being replaced by class 842 and 843, motor cars class 831 - built from 1938 - can still be observed in daily service. This beautifully maintained example (831 130) has just arrived from Plzen. Railbus 810 084 provides a connection to Furth i Wald.
Domazlice - 12/02/2002

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

cd831130dl2.jpg (94354 bytes)

CD - Czech Republic
Diesel motor car 831 130 and railbus 810 084 in Domazlice.
Domazlice - 12/02/2002

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

cd831182-1.jpg (78984 bytes)

Czech Railways (CD)
Class: 831 (M 262.1)
Date: 24/6/2000
An old motor coach class 831 in new livery.

Unit 831 182-1 in the station Olomouc.

Photo and scan by: Michael Jancik

cd831186-2.jpg (96607 bytes)

Unit 831 186-2 taken in Praha Branik. on 31/5/2003. On 31/5/2003 special diesel and steam trains were going on ocassion International Children Day. For example, this trainset (831, two cars and M 131.1) was going to Praha hl.n. and back.

Photo and scan by Michael Jancik

cd831bd.jpg (121329 bytes)

CD - Czech Republic
A very old but beautifully painted trainset consisting of a motor car class 831 and coaches class 020 arrives from Sumperk in Bludov.
Bludov, 16 May 2001

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden

cd831zr.jpg (65585 bytes)

Very old diesel motor car class 831 (first built in 1949) with an additional car in even worse condition in the station of Zelezna Ruda/Bayerisch Eisenstein. Later this day this motor car and coach were operating the Zelezna Ruda-Klatovy local service. 21/02/1998.

Photo by Marco van Uden (
Scan by Lars Blaauw (

m262-spi.jpg (136656 bytes)

Historic diesel railcar 831.187 replacing a newer railcar 842 on route Zelezna Ruda – Klatovy in Spicak

Photo by Milan Dolejsi (, 10. 1. 2010