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150. anniversary of Praha-Olomouc railway.
120.437 ("hightower") exhibition on Masarykovo nadrazi railway station. The car manufactured in Tatra factory; used before World War II.
Sorry for the former wrong information to everybody.

Photo: A. Kaldy (

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Ceske Drahy (CD)
Museum motor coach class M 120

Unit M 120 437 as display run during 150 years of Olomouc-Praha railway celebration between Dlouhá Trebová and Ceská Trebová on 27.August 1995.

Photo and scan by Petr Kaderávek (

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CSD M120 437 at Praha Masarykovo Nadrazi (150 years Prague -- Olomouc), August 1995.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka (

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150 years Praha - Dresden; railway festival in Decín; 2001-05-19

Historic railbus M120.437 with trailer, together with the M131.1405 with its trailer. When I saw the M120.137 from afar, I thought that it is an examination vehicle for overhead wires - but actually it is a passenger railbus with a small cab on the roof for the driver, which allows easy movement to both directions and gives the passengers an excellent view on the track.

Photo: tobias b köhler

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This histrorical vehicle was in station Olomouc on ocassion of the 160th anniversary of the opening of Ferdinand's North Railway on 15/9/2001

Photo and scan by Michael Jancik

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M120.437 and M131.1549 in Chuchelná

ing. Milan Černohorský (