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ABomz229_DH13.jpg (93083 bytes)

In the beginning of the 1990s, a number of new 1st class compartment cars were delivered to the DR, with improvements such as modern doors and 200 km/h speed. They were painted in InterRegio colours. Later, some of these were converted to 1st/2nd class, with only marginal simplifications of the 2nd class compartments, which are still quite spacious. Here we see one of these coaches, the ABomz 229.1 No. 51 80 30-90 002-2, at the end of the D 453 to Warszawa and Krakow. The last two cars only go to Görlitz.

Dresden Hbf, track 13, 2001-03-18,

Photo: tobias b köhler

Amz210.jpg (38060 bytes)

11 January 1998, station: Karlsruhe Hbf, Germany
First class express car, type Amz210, originating from the former DR and in blue/white Interregio livery, as through car Alpirsbach - Norddeich Mole in train IR 2216 "Höllental" (Seebrugg - Norddeich Mole)

11. Januar 1998, Bf. Karlsruhe Hbf, Deutschland
Von der ehem. DR stammender 1.-Klasse-Schnellzugwagen des Typs Amz210 in Interregio-Farben als Kurswagen Alpirsbach - Norddeich Mole in IR 2216 "Höllental" (Seebrugg - Norddeich Mole)

Photo by Sven Manias (

Amz210_642.jpg (77446 bytes)

An InterRegio car Amz 210 and a class 642 DMU stored on the eastern tracks of Dresden Hbf. Today these are just sidings; in earlier years the trains from Dresden to Bad Schandau and Decin/Bodenbach started here.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Amz210_DH.jpg (64202 bytes)

Close-up of a first class compartment car Amz 210 on a siding of Dresden Hbf. This car was originally designed for the DR, today it is used for InterRegio trains and painted in IR colours. The interior is mostly similar to older first class cars of the DR.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Amz210_RE_Mun95_M.jpg (121465 bytes)

1. kl. Interregiowagen, gattung Amz 210, in einer primär aus klassichen "silberlingen" bestehenden Eilzug. München Hauptbahnhof 1995.

First class Interregio-car, type Amz 210, in an "Eilzug" in Central Station Munich, 1995.

Photo and scan by: Morten S. Sørensen (