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DB ZugCafé
RE29735 Münster (Westf.) Hbf -> Krefeld Hbf
Bahnhof Hamm (Westf.)
01. April 2004

Photo: Christian Immler -

Doppeltdecker.jpg (114535 bytes)

Doppelstock Wagen mit Caffe Bar in Oberhausen Hbf auf Gleis 6

Foto Vincenzo M 12.9.2006

Doppeltdeckerwagen.jpg (117068 bytes)

Doppeltstockwagen gezogen von der br 111 in Oberhausen Hbf in richtung Hamm

Foto Vincenzo M 12.9.2006

muenster2002_4.jpg (124788 bytes)

11 March 2002, Münster in Westfalen, Germany
A zugcafé Dosto of a regionalexpress ready for departure in the station.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

zugcafe_aachen.jpg (96890 bytes)

"ZugCafé" (double deck car with snack bar in the lower floor) in a train to Münster. Aachen Hbf, 18th June 2000.

Photo: tobias b köhler

zugcafe_ah.jpg (96298 bytes)

A car with a ZugCafé (snack bar) in the RE 10411 to Münster, waiting in Aachen Hbf on 9 July 2001.

Digital photo by Christoph Schmitz