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31_80_4927_001-6_1it18.jpg (161152 bytes)

D-DB 31 80 4927 001-6 Saghmmns-ty488. Heavy duty wagon "Bracoil" for the steel industry, can be equipped for both slabs and steel coils, load limit up to 100 tons.

InnoTrans, Berlin, 2018-09-21

tobias b köhler

31_80_4927_072-7_D-DB.jpg (153658 bytes)

DB Cargo Saghmmns-ty488 passed railroad crossing Bahnhofstraße in Bottrop [D] on 27th of February 2021.

This new type is a result of a research project payed by the German government: Final report (German) here.

Photo ©Arnim v. Herff

A_freight_car_of_DB_standing_on_central_railway_station_24_08_2011.jpg (154818 bytes)

A freight car "Spmmss" type "S" of DB (Deutsche Bahn AG / German Railways) standing on central railway station in composition of special train to testing a brakes and speed of the car.

Digital photo Veselin Malinov , e-mail:

NACCO_37_80_4721_068-7.jpg (152607 bytes)

Smmnps 37 80 4721 068-7 D-NACCO was parked in Düsseldorf-Derendorf on 29th of March 2009.
Photo ©Arnim v. Herff

Niebuell1.jpg (162593 bytes)

ERR Sins freight car, Niebüll
Unknown Sins freight car of European Rail Rent (ERR) parked at Niebüll. Photo taken Wednesday 6 January 2016 from car shuttle train towards Westerland.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (

P8310009.jpg (159723 bytes)

Metro für Melbourne (Australien) in Kornwestheim Rbf, 31.08.2002

Schmalspurtransportwagen.jpg (30564 bytes)

DBAG flat wagon for transporting narrow-gauge cars, with 750 mm gauge passenger car. Cranzahl, May 1996.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

Slmmps_47332095_Elbingerode_21092008_12.jpg (151972 bytes)

Limestone Wagon Slmmps 80 4733209-5 (DB) in Elbingerode (Germany)

Photo by Sebastien Vincent

More pictures of this wagon at this address :

db338039940246p_bk0709210018.jpg (146837 bytes)

Deutsche Bahn - 33803994024-6p

Wagen 33 80 3994 024-6p (für Militärgut), beladen mit einem Bundeswehrfahrzeug und aufgenommen am 21. September 2007 bei einem Halt im Bahnhof Ludwigshafen Oggersheim.

Photo: Bernd Kittendorf (