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51-80-98-80_232-6_DDm916_Innsbruck_22012000.jpg (135305 bytes)

Cars and motorcycles transport wagon of the DB–AG in service to DB AutoZug. This wagon is stationary in composition with another cars and motocycles transport wagons type DDm916, builted in France and then buyed by the DR. After the unifications of the two Germains (Western and Eastern), these wagons (37 units) had admitted into the new society DB-AG.

Many of these wagons maintained the their original livery (green), while this wagon had been painted in a different livery in all grey clear, like it is looking in this photo.

(Innsbruck – 10.05 A.M. - Saturday 2000 January 22th).

Photo: Mr. Bacci Stefano – Florence (Italy)

98072806A.jpg (71217 bytes)

Unterwegs im IC 504 Basel - Köln. Einige Güterwagen und daneben einige alte mechanische Signale in der Nähe von Köln.
Some good cars and also some old mechanical signals near cologne. Photo shot from IC 504 Basel - Cologne.

July 98

Photo and scan: A. Senn;

DBAG_Cargo.jpg (73505 bytes)

A freight train of the DB AG in the new red Cargo livery, in Frankfurt (Main). The old brown livery of DB AG freight cars will gradually be replaced by an eye-catching red, the same colour as used on the locomotives.

Photo by DB AG

DF_2.jpg (122554 bytes)

A number of different freight cars in Dresden-Friedrichstadt. The double-deck wagon in foreground is for transporting automobiles; further behind you can see various types of open wagons, tank cars, sliding wall box cars and container cars. In background you see an old electric locomotive (ex class 142) now used as a transformer station for pre-heating of rolling highway couchette cars. 2001-03-03.

Photo: tobias b köhler

DF_3.jpg (102483 bytes)

Container cars in the freight station of Dresden-Friedrichstadt, seen from the pedestrian bridge over the station. Before the 2nd world war, this was a wider road bridge; the supports still have the original size, as you can see on the left. 2001-03-03.

Photo: tobias b köhler

DF_4.jpg (101625 bytes)

Lots of different freight cars in the freight station of Dresden-Friedrichstadt, looking west from the pedestrian bridge. 2001-03-03.

Photo: tobias b köhler

DF_5.jpg (111609 bytes)

Freight cars in the freight station of Dresden-Friedrichstadt. In foreground you can see some four-axle box cars of the ZSR, a type that only seems to be used by east European (OSShD) railways. 2001-03-03.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Holzwagen.jpg (99117 bytes)

Verschiedene Güterwagen, Fotografiert am Rangierbahnhof München-Nord.

Different freight cars in the shunting yard of Munich-North.

Photo by Michael Kauffmann <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

Puffer_ueber_Puffer.jpg (9998 bytes)

Puffer Über Puffer Güter wagen sind nie Richtig Puffer über Puffer Gekopelt Dieser auch nicht

Foto Vincenzo M 22.1.2007 OB osterfeld süd

Wasserwagen.jpg (108997 bytes)

Old DR water car No. 30 50 949 2601-4, rebuilt from a steam locomotive tender. 2001-09-15.

Photo: tobias b köhler

GKE_Gueterzug.jpg (144767 bytes)

Panoramic view of a typical GKE freight train, parked in the south of Graz Koeflacher station.

Photo by Michael Skedel ( on 14/06/2004.