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234-657.jpg (139266 bytes)

234 657-5
Szczecin Glowny, 09.07.1998

Photo by Pawel Duliban

234_234_Marienbr.jpg (83882 bytes)

Two locomotives of class 234 with RegionalExpress trains from and to Görlitz, both painted in orient red with traffic red cars, meet on the Marienbrücke in Dresden. The train in foreground is being pushed, the one in background is being pulled. 2001-05-13.

Photo: tobias b köhler

234_417-4.jpg (101696 bytes)

DB AG 234 417-4, orient red livery in original arrangement, in Dresden Hbf in the snowy february of 1997.

Photo: tobias b köhler

234klotzsche.jpg (87066 bytes)

DB AG (Regio) 234 180-8 with a regional train in Dresden-Klotzsche.

Photo: tobias b köhler

DB234_1995032601.jpg (65346 bytes)

In early 1995 Dutch railways installed a fly-over near Amersfoort. This meant, that international expresses between Amsterdam and Berlin had to be diverted over a non-electrified line. Here, one such train passes Zutphen, pulled by a hired DB class 234 diesel. March 26, 1995.

Photo and scan by Ernst-Jan Fix (

DBAG234597-3.jpg (48911 bytes)

DBAG diesel locomotive 234 297-3, painted in new red (but old colour arrangement) and with new window frames. Dresden Hbf, May 1996.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

db234468.jpg (156176 bytes)

DB AG diesel locomotive 234 468.

db234_zt.jpg (70735 bytes)

The main services that operate out of Zittau run to Dresden. These trains are operated by diesel locomotives class 234. On the left is the RegionalExpress to Dresden, on the right the RegionalBahn to Dresden. Zittau, 29/11/98.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>