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234_IR_Br_DH.jpg (142862 bytes)

Near Dresden Hbf: This InterRegio from Nürnberg should normally already be operated with a double set of class 605, but something happened and it is once again operating with a locomotive of class 234 and a train of IR cars. So we get to see the roof of this locomotive nicely. 2001-05-18.

Photo: tobias b köhler

234_RB_2DMBr.jpg (66964 bytes)

A locomotive class 234 in traffic red livery with a regional train crosses the Marienbrücke in Dresden on 2001-10-12, while workers continue to cut up the bridge: most of the middle arch has already been reduced to two tracks, in preparation of the bridge renewal.

Photo: tobias b köhler

DBAG_234_D452_Marienbr.jpg (78264 bytes)

A diesel-electric locomotive class 234 brings the D 452 from Warszawa (consisting of PKP rolling stock with an additional InterRegio car from Görlitz for morning commuters) across the Marienbrücke in Dresden in the morning of 2001-06-27.

Photo: tobias b köhler

hilfskupplung.jpg (110793 bytes)

Dresden Hbf, track 16: Here you see the "emergency coupler" between a diesel-electric locomotive class 234 and a DMU class 605 - it connects to the Scharfenberg coupler of the DMU and to the conventional coupling hook of the locomotive. This is needed to move the train when it is out of order. You can see that the locomotive's buffers have no equivalent on the other side. Also it becomes apparent that the driver of a tilting ICE sits much lower than in a normal locomotive. In the background you see a traffic red locomotive class 143 waiting on the elevated track (connected to track 17). Photo taken from the EMU class 415 on track 14. 2001-07-07.

Photo: tobias b köhler