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On Friday, 4th of October 1996, at 14.16, the Camera of FOKUS ( showed the train IC 806 at Berlin Zoo station, where this train reverses its direction towards Hamburg. On the back of the train there are two DB-class 210 engine (ex-class 218, modificated for 160 km/h). First car is one the new IC-Coaches with Driving Cab (IC-Steuerwagen). This scene won't endure much long, because eletrification of the line Berlin - Hamburg is nearly ready.

Photo by Hark Neumann, Hannover (

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DB - 210-001. Late evening, München, 2/2/78.

Photo by Jan Agersten (

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Diesel engine 210 008 with additional gas-turbine for train-heating seen in Munich Hbf in October 1977.
Today, after removing the gas-turbine, the loco is still in service, but with number 218 908.

Photo by Christian Splittgerber (
Scan by Eva Sonntag (

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An IC service to Hamburg, leaded by two 210 (former 218) engines, waits for departure in Berlin Zoo station in March 1997. At the end of this train, an electric engine of series 120 is carried to Nauen, where the 210 engines will leave the train. For the rest of the journey (under electricity), the train will be pushed by the 120, a steering-car is already behind the diesel engines.

Photo by Christian Splittgerber (